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Bear Market Trading Opportunities: A Recap!

Hey Traders!


I’m so happy that so many of you were able to join me last evening for my webinar. Being able to connect with traders, and pass along what I’ve learned over the years is one of the most rewarding aspects of my role here at Simpler Trading!

If you weren’t able to make it, here is a quick recap. We discussed:

  • Why bear markets provide options traders unique opportunity
  • How traders can identify short squeeze rallies
  • The various shifts traders should make when trading in this type of market
  • Why butterflies are my go-to options strategy to make directional trades
  • Using low risk, high reward options strategies
  • How I use the Phoenix Turbo to identify

If you weren’t able to make it, check out the replay below!

I always appreciate the feedback that I get from members, and it’s positive comments like these that keep me going!


Check out what some of our viewers had to say:

Jeannie – “The flexibility of the Phoenix Finder is what makes it so appealing no matter what you want to trade. Still my #1 prep tool!”

Esther – “Great improvements to your tool. Look forward to working with it.”

Gabex – “What a great presentation, thanks, Danielle!”

If you want to learn more, check out my class which is upcoming this Saturday, June 4th at 12pm CT. 

I look forward to seeing you there!

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