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Trader's Investment Plan

Having an edge in the market comes down to timing. There are times when it’s ideal to focus on trading, but other times when it’s best to use your skills to invest. That's why, in addition to specializing in options, Danielle created a class that focuses on long-term stock investing and portfolio management designed to build wealth.

Class Curriculum

Classes are the best place for traders to learn a strategy from top to bottom. That's why Danielle has taken her time in creating courses with individual focuses so you can master a strategy one at a time. Below is a curated list of all her classes ranked in ascending order. Starting with her beginner strategies and ending with her most advanced.

Pillars of Options
This class is Danielle's entry-level class to directional options trading. During this class, Danielle teaches the basics of the Squeeze, Fibonacci extensions, writing trading plans and trading journals, and setting up ThinkorSwim.

Trading Psychology and Money Management Blueprint
A psychology class taught by Danielle and John, this class helps traders work on the trading habits they face that are impacting their bottom line.  This class works through ideas on how to break them, especially when you’re stuck in a bad cycle. It also teaches healthy habits and processes as well.

Options 101
As a completely self-made trader, Danielle thought it was important to make a class combining all the basics that helped her get her career started. In this course, she goes in-depth to explain the fundamentals of options trading.

Ready, Aim, Freedom
This class teaches traders a technical analysis, trending following strategy from the ground up. This is the core of the Five Star Setup. Throughout this class, Danielle teaches students how to identify a trend, the squeeze, and use the Ready, Aim Fire for timed entries on specific stocks. She also teaches her stock picking selection. This is Danielle’s ‘conservatively aggressive’ options strategy class, where she focuses on directional options and teaches traders how, when and why to buy long calls. While the trading strategy is about options, the technical analysis portions can be used for stocks and ETFs as well. The class also includes her personal scans and watchlists.

5-Star Options Income Plan
This class focuses on identifying the overall market condition to narrow down areas in which to trade directional setups by selling premium. While she brushes over the Five Star setup, this class is primarily about stock picking, drawing symmetry to identify high probability moments in time, and placing put credit spreads to collect premium for consistent income. This class also covers trading plans as well as money management strategies for premium sellers. The class also includes her updated personal scans and watchlists.

Phoenix Finder
With thousands of tickers in the market, you have to be able to pick the cream of the crop. That's why Danielle came up with a strategy, coupled with an indicator, that helps her pick the "best of breed" among the sectors of the market.

Futures Freedom Plan
Taught with her colleague Raghee Horner, her and Danielle teach traders how to get into futures trading. This is a true beginning futures class, starting with a concise overview of the futures markets and how to get into trading them. Danielle and Raghee focus on three basic patterns that traders can learn to day trade futures. The live trading portion walks through how to execute futures trades, and trade them in a live environment.

Momentum Crashcourse
Trading in a bearish market can be tough for any trader. In this course, Danielle walks you through how she handled historical market conditions and was able to turn a profit on an intraday basis.

Stacked Profits Strategy
Learn how Danielle targets 50% to 1200%+ returns within days using her “hybrid” stacked butterfly strategy. If you trade stocks or options then you’ll appreciate why this simple strategy is such a breakthrough (especially if you have a smaller account).

Short Interest Secrets
Utilizing explosive short interest to her advantage is one of Danielle's favorite setups. In this course, Danielle will show you how she was able to anticipate huge momentum moves before they happened.

Options Freedom
This class is the more advanced options course Danielle offers. Through this strategy, Danielle shows you how she was able to pinpoint the highest-probability tickers and turn them for a profit.

Quarterly Profits
Earnings season comes around every quarter, so why not learn how to take advantage of it? In this course, Danielle takes you through her process for setting up her "run into earning" and earnings report setups. Included is also her Hot Zone indicator, which turns statistical data into an easy-to-read visual.

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