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Intraday Trade Setups

This week I share how to set up your chart to take advantage of intraday volatility. I also review my longer-term outlook for the markets and where the next area of support is for the S&P 500 Index. Key Factors We’ll Cover: What’s Driving The Market’s Volatility Key Area Of Support For The S&P 500 … Read more

Pepsico Inc. (PEP) Starts Earnings Season With A Bang!

Pepsico Pushes Higher Earnings season for the 3rd quarter has begun, with Pepsico (PEP) reporting earnings and sales results on Wednesday that were above estimates despite recognizing a $1.4B charge related to its withdrawal from Russian markets. Even more important for investors is the fact that management raised their guidance for organic revenue for the … Read more

Brighter Spots Amid Broader Market Weakness

Hey traders! This week, I wanted to highlight analysis from my friend and well-respected colleague,┬áMary Ellen McGonagle! She primarily focuses on stocks with a 2-week to 9-month horizon depending on market conditions. Check out her guest newsletter below to learn more. Key Factors We’ll Cover: Outlook For The Broader Markets Going Into A Busy Week … Read more

A Faltering Short Squeeze

After bottoming out around 3570 in the S&P futures, the indexes have meandered higher as short sellers cover positions on lows of the year. The short covering can lead to higher prices, which can also lead to buyers being enticed to join. However, in this instance, the short covering has been lackluster at best, and … Read more

Trading Options on Earnings

  Traders and investors should always be looking for seasonal opportunities in the stock market. One of the easiest to identify seasonal opportunities is earnings season. Why? The timing is pretty much indisputable. While other seasonal trades such as, ‘sell in May, and go away,’ and the January effect is based on the calendar as … Read more

Options 101: Calls & Puts vs. Debit Spreads

Directional Trading Using Options Here at Simpler Trading, we trade options primarily in a directional manner. To do so, we use strategies such as calls, puts, and debit spreads. Still, each strategy has specific reasons why you chose one over the other, plus specific advantages and disadvantages. Most traders get into the options market using … Read more

Don’t Get Too Excited About Falling Gas Prices…

Inflation is Embedded in the Economy I’m not buying that inflation is coming down in any meaningful way. Just in the last week, I got notifications from my accountant, my storage unit, and also trash pick-up that they are all substantially increasing prices. While gasoline prices may have come down after that June peak, inflation … Read more

A Oversold Bounce

After the last 3 weeks of downward price action, the indexes are finally experiencing a bounce. But, bulls shouldn’t get too excited just yet, as bounces like these often occur at key inflection points. Just because the market has bounced for two days in a row, doesn’t mean bulls should get excited about more upside … Read more