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Hey Traders!

Happy Tuesday. I hope you enjoyed your three-day weekend!

I took (a bit) of time away from the markets, but I was also working on a fun project I wanted to share with you.

My Youtube Channel

I’ve been making Youtube videos for years but never had my own channel.  Why? I don’t know. But, it got to a point where I wanted to organize all the work I’ve done over the years in one spot.

This is especially true as I get ready to publish my first book, which should hopefully be done by the end of the year (fingers crossed!). My book is titled, Sharpen Your Edge & Fund Your Freedom: An Independent Options Traders Guide. 

Here’s a preview of videos you can find on my channel below.


Click on the image above to join me on www.Youtube/@traderDanielle!

Now that I’ve compiled my videos in one spot, I wanted to begin creating more valuable videos for you. I’m going to start with the top topics in my book. This includes topics such as how traders can identify setups, which patterns are most important in the stock market, trading psychology tips, and more. If you have a topic request for a video, let me know!

I will send out my new videos on my channel and via this newsletter. So, if you haven’t already and want to subscribe, don’t delay; do it today!

Happy trading!

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