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Onto 2023!

Hey traders! 

Wow, what a year. If you’re reading this, it means you survived the worst year in the stock market since 2008 and didn’t quit yet! For that reason alone, I hope you’re proud. 

This year presented some new patterns to trade, like earnings destruction, head and shoulder reversals, and bearish squeezes. One-time bull market favorites like the run into earnings, post-earnings 2x momentum moves, and runs to new, all-time highs were left in the dust. 

Like me, I hope you can look back on the year and appreciate the new experiences and challenges we had, along with the loss of the bull market lament.

In the stock market, like in life, the only constant is change. While we are set to enter 2023 amid a bear market, and I’m anticipating the stock market to continue its cascade lower. We may get a brief “January effect,” higher, but February – March bearish seasonality comes after that. 

Regardless of what happens, I’m looking forward to reading price action as we go and trading it with you. 

Bear markets like this don’t come around very often. It’s been 14-15  years since this kind of move occurred! I look forward to continuing to trade these bear market trends, earnings moves, and more with you. Remember, bear markets don’t last forever, and they always lead the way to another bull market. I’m not sure about you, but I want to be there when that happens. As crazy as this year has been, I’m confident it’ll lead the way to significant long-term opportunities. You just have to know where to look!

Thank you all for joining me on the journey this year. I’ll be looking forward to seeing you in 2023!

Happy New Year!

– Danielle

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