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Hey 5-Star Trader,

As many of you know, trading changed my life. My trading journey started as part-time working out of Seattle, Washington. It started off slow, but early on in my career I was blown away by Simpler Trading and all their mentors. Before I knew it, the stars aligned and now I’m in Austin, Texas, working with the whole team!

I was not born a trader, but thanks to many people I’ve met along the way I’ve been able to continuously fine-tune this skill.

That’s why I’m reaching out to you… 

I’m working on some exciting new content, so I wanted to check in so I can best focus my energies on what you want to learn and what is important to you!

From my own experience, I know collaboration is key to a successful trading journey.

Help me by taking this short survey.

As a former teacher, I know the importance of creating helpful lessons. 

Together, we can continue to grow a community of traders!

-Danielle =)

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