See You In Orlando?

It’s been a long time since I’ve participated in an in-person event! It’s been at least three years between the pandemic and having a new baby!

This is why I’m looking forward to heading to Orlando in October. I’ll join the Money Show for several in-person talks and speak at our Simpler Trading Summit. 

What is the Simpler Trading Summit? It’s an in-person, all-day event for members who want to learn from various members of our trading team.

At the event, we will have:

  • In-Depth and Immersive Strategy Sessions (Can mention what you will be talking about specifically!)
  • Q&A Panel with the Simpler Team
  • VIP Perks! Pre-Event Welcome Party on the 27th and Poker Tournament

But that’s not all. After the Simpler Trading event, we will head to the Money Show. 

At the conference, I’ll be joining a panel with Charles Payne, Michael Lee, and Kenny Polcari on Sunday, October 29th.

On Monday, John Carter and I will teach a two-hour in-person class about top earnings strategies and more. This will be right in the core of earnings season!

Then, on Tuesday, you will find me and several trading team members on another in-person panel.

These events are great opportunities for traders to meet in-person, talk and learn more trading strategies.

If you want to join us, click on the links above to learn more!

I look forward to seeing you there.




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