Simpler Setups: How to Trade the Squeeze

Going Back to Basics…or Starting There!

Being a trader that works on identifying directional moves means that you absolutely need to have a specific method that you use to determine if or when a directional move could happen. Now, obviously, nothing is 100% or I’d be living on my dream private island in Belize! But, just because it’ll never be 100% doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work to improve your edge every chance you get.

The baseline of that edge has to be a setup. A setup is a signal that has been tried and tested, and you know it works more often than not, within a certain set of circumstances.

Here at Simpler, that setup is the Squeeze. I jumped into the Free Trading Room last week to run through a special session on Options 101: Trading the Squeeze.

Check out the video breakdown below:


Want to learn more about Simpler Strategies? Join us in our Free Trading Room where we cover topics like this, and more! Friday, September 16th I’ll be covering Part II of this video, which will go over the top options strategies we use at Simpler Trading, including calls, puts, spreads, and butterflies.

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