The Monday Kickoff

Hey Traders!

It’s only Tuesday, yet so much has already occurred in the market.

Bank news rattled the markets last week and continued rattling them over the weekend.

CPI data hit this morning, and it was in line with expectations. I view that as a positive because anything other than an inline reading could have been disastrous for the market after last week’s bank stress.

The Fed has another policy meeting next week, and now, in addition to inflation, they have bank stress to worry about.

There are so many macro forces influencing price right now, which means that the big picture needs attention now more than ever!

I stopped by TraderTV Live on Monday for my usual Monday segment to discuss. Check out the segment to learn more below! I even had a special guest visitor.


I’ll also point out that the put/call ratio is still extremely extended. This means that a short squeeze could occur at any moment.

What are you watching this week? Let us know in the comments below the video!

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