Top Themes from 2023 & More (Video Edition!)

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This morning, I reviewed my top-traded tickers, strategies, and themes that made me the most money last year. In general, at the end of the year I find that it isn’t just a handful of trades that made the year, but instead a handful of themes.

Last year, I focused primarily on identifying patterns on the weekly and monthly timeframes, and then continually following those on daily charts for entries and exits. I love trading the weekly squeeze, for example, and I love overlapping those weekly squeeze setups using earnings as another catalyst. I typically used quite a bit of pre-earnings, overnight earnings, and post-earnings moves, and overlapped those with squeeze setups.

I also like trading the same tickers again and again. This is because I am familiar with them and how they move. They also have the best liquidity, and work well with my signature strategy: stacked butterflies.

Butterflies were definitely the focus last year, and I used them again and again on my favorite tickers.

If you want to learn more, check out my 30-minute review session where I discuss in detail the patterns I traded.

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