Welcome to July

Happy Tuesday and happy holidays!

I hope those who celebrated were able to enjoy a fun and relaxing holiday weekend with friends and family.

I am so grateful that I was able to travel to Washington state to visit my family that I haven’t been able to see in quite awhile! It has been a fantastic break from the Texas summer heat and there is nothing that I love more than being with family!


Mt Baker & the San Juan Islands in Washington State


So far, we have done a little kayaking, smoked some pulled pork, went crabbing and spent time catching up.

It was my first adventure going crabbing, and I learned quite a bit, including how difficult it is to balance on a kayak while attempting to pull up a crab pot!

Anytime I work on learning a new fishing skill, it always reminds me of how much fishing can be just like trading. It’s all about getting the right education, finding the best spots with the right gear, putting your strategy to work and then sitting back to see your results! After that, adjust as necessary.

As far as my crabbing journey is concerned, I started off by asking the local marine shop what gear was best and where I should focus. Of course, it always seems to be about the bait and location. Thankfully my brother-in-law also had some great experience so he got us started on the right foot. Despite our novice in the game, as a family team, we were successful and ended up with a nice 4th of July crab feast, with all of the crab being crab we caught ourselves!

Honestly, I was a bit surprised we were able to catch enough crab for all of us, but I know it goes back to the formula – education, tools, timing and patience, just like trading!

Crabbing & Markets?

While I’ve been taking a bit of time away, of course I’m still monitoring the markets. Most of all, I’m getting prepared for what is sure to be a very full July. July is always busy, due to earnings season, and while it may be a little more low volume and less volatility (Though, let’s be real, does anyone think 2022 will suddenly just slow down because it’s summer? I doubt it!) earnings season always brings about many directional opportunities.

These opportunities range from moves prior to earnings, over earnings, and post-earnings as well. I’m getting ready, and when I get back from the San Juan Islands, I’ll be kicking off a Earnings Season with a free State of the Market Deep Dive in our Simpler Trading Free Trading Room. During this special presentation, I’ll be going over my top setups and strategies that are statistically backed going into the busiest trading time of the summer!


Click on the image to learn more about our Free Trading Room, and sign up today!


And, best of all, it’s all free. With access to the Free Trading Room, it’s not just my deep dive you’ll get access to, but a full day of content that includes several key members of our trading team as well. As for me, I’ll be jumping on the mic at 3:15 CT to kick off the Earnings Season kickstart.

I hope everyone had a safe and healthy 4th of July! Here’s a picture of my dad and son, who were both very excited (but a little anxious, in Leo’s case) to hold a pinching crab!

I’ll look forward to seeing you when I’m back in office next week.


P.S. If you take advantage of the special 4th of July special, you’ll receive not just access to my Mastery Program during the critical Earnings Season timeframe, but you’ll also get a free course. Check it out here!

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