A 15 year discovery I didn’t know was possible…

& the weakening of the Indexes

Last week, we discussed the changing market conditions, as the market began to make a steeper pullback than what it’s done previously, throughout 2019. We also discussed potential buys, only once the market bottoms out, and buyers begin coming in.

We also talked about the potential break of key support areas, that if broken (news flash: it did break) would ultimately bring the S&P and Nasdaq down to the 200 simple moving average on the daily charts (which it did).

What does this mean, and one consistent thing to do in these conditions…

So, the teeter-tottering at the May lows fell, in the side of the sellers — they’ve won this battle, but they were only strong enough (so far) to push the market down to a very key area of support that I called last week.

Why does this matter?

The key areas of support I look to during deeper pullbacks are the 50 and 200 simple moving averages. In this instance, I discussed the S&P and Nasdaq falling to the 200 simple.

Why there?

Well for one, the 50 and the 200 SMA often-times work as magnets, so one must be aware of where they are. They’re also key institutional levels, so buyers oftentimes come in at those areas. It can often act like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Finding your Edge

In trading, our entire goal is to get an edge. As I stated last week, on an intraday basis, the path of least resistance has been to the downside. However, in the long term, I continue to look for pullback buy opportunities once the selling is over. To do this, I have to use my edge… one of the main pieces of that, is the Squeeze.

My favorite aspect of market pullbacks is that it generally gives us an edge when we want to buy. In addition to that, because of the current market situation, we’re seeing a lot of back and forth action.

You know what this causes? Squeezes!!

Market conditions change, trading strategies adapt, but the one thing that’s always remained constant is the presence of the Squeeze in my trading plan. The Squeeze is the backbone of everything I do.

I learned how to trade the Squeeze from my (now) boss, and primary trading mentor, John Carter.

I estimate that I’ve spent almost 10,000 hours of practice learning and listening from the master (John), the author of Mastering the Trade, and CEO and Founder of Simpler Trading.

It was a mind meld of John’s tools that led me to the creation of Phoenix to begin with.

Here’s a breakdown of how I go to almost 10,000 hours of practice for anyone who likes to geek out on numbers:

And some fun flashbacks because I document a good part of my life:

Me and John, the first time he invited me to watch him while he was presenting in the trading room. He sprung it on me, and I ended up having to talk back and forth with him. Little did I know that it was my first bit of preparation for when I’d end up having my own sessions in the trading room.

November 2015, when I attended a live Simpler event with my dad and met John for the first time.

Back when I was a client — listening and learning from John with my baby in my arms.

Where Do We Go From Here

Well, after 15 years of using the Squeeze (the only Squeeze I’ve ever known), John has some amazing updates to share. I won’t spoil too much as he has a live-demonstration tonight at 7pm Central covering it… but I’ve seen this one change he’s made, and it’s crazy.

Truly, I never thought the Squeeze could be improved, but here we are 15 years later.

If you’re interested, you can grab a free spot at this link. I know I’ll be there taking notes like I used to in the picture above.

2 thoughts on “A 15 year discovery I didn’t know was possible…”

  1. Danielle- you are absolutely remarkable. I do not know how, with a family/children, you accomplish and turn out so much work as you do. When you and John present , I listen. (Not so with other traders all the time)

    • Hey Terry,

      Thank you so much. I really appreciate your kind words!

      One of the main things that help me achieve what I do, is having John as an awesome boss. I am able to take Leo to work with me, or work from home, when I need to. Also, my family is a HUGE help!~

      I hope you have a great weekend –



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