Aggressiveness in 2021?

Undoubtedly, last year was full of ups and downs, with the market being no exception. In February 2020, we saw the quickest falling market in history. Fast forward, and we now know that 2020 also had the quickest recovery ever.

What a whirlwind. It’s now 2021 and the market’s continuing to show its bullish side.

Could this trend be here long term then…? 

My initial analysis and thoughts point to yes, and there are a variety of reasons I’m bullish.

Some of these reasons include the low rate environment, continued stimulus, overall technical structure, continued growth throughout a variety of industry groups despite hardship, and COVID opening doors for innovation in new industries (like work from home, eCommerce, etc).

However that being said, when we are on highs like this, the best way to benefit is to either:

  1. wait for a market pullback
  2. or continually average into the market

But no matter how you do it, continually picking assets instead of holding onto dollars, which are losing value, is definitely the way to go. Why? With the incoming political environment and continual money printing, I expect equities to continue going higher along with metals, real estate, and oil (as pent-up travel demand comes back). In other words, now is not the time to leave your money stashed in a mattress!

For me personally, I’m continually funneling money into real estate, gold, and silver.

Tune in next Thursday, where I share with you some of my favorite tickers for 2021, and how I plan to balance my portfolio between all of them.

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