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Business is anything but usual

As we ramp up for another month of self-quarantine, it’s now becoming more apparent how people are coping with this world-wide pandemic.

I used to enjoy my daily routine, going into the office, and interacting with coworkers, but obviously that’s not a possibility anymore. Now, most of my ‘coworkers’ have four paws and ask to be let outside during my lunch breaks — talk about needy! Moreover, these days I find myself more comfortable in sweatpants than slacks. Though getting used to isolation was difficult at first, now I can really see myself carrying over some ‘quarantine tendencies’ into normal everyday life (whenever that might be).

Likewise, people are not the only ones who are having to make changes to daily operations… 

As some states begin to open backup for business, things are looking much different. Plexiglass can be found separating cashiers from employees and restaurants are adapting quickly to curb-side pickup. In addition, the professional world has been drastically reforming itself as well. 

Companies are embracing the digital age — swapping out any in-person collaboration for online versions with great success. For the past several years, I’ve been making appearances on the Money Show, which is normally a large convention with vendors and traders, but for the first time I’m going to be streaming live during open market hours for you to watch.

This is great news because unlike the events in New York and Vegas, now anyone can attend. The success of this new layout is yet to be determined, but this could be how the Money Show chooses to operate moving forward.

This upcoming Wednesday I’ll be giving a talk on how to identify breakouts before they happen by using my favorite directional, momentum setup. I’ll also be walking through three different ways to trade this setup using calls, spreads, and butterflies with live charts and examples. You can register for your spot here.

With many companies successfully adapting, I can’t help but wonder — are businesses going to permanently implement some of their COVID-19 practices into their ‘business as usual’ when life returns to normal?

How is this ‘new normal’ affecting my trading?

Recently, a lot of the stocks I’ve been trading are all companies that are benefitting based off of the changes being made during COVID: like CHGG and PTON.

I got into both of these before they took off, by identifying one of my favorite trading setups. During my wednesday session, we’re going to be looking at stocks that are likely to take off. Make sure to join me there.

So tell me, are you a fan of the new outlook on ‘normal’? Or is the world getting a little too comfortable with being impersonal?

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