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Buying real estate in Vegas?

I just got back from Las Vegas, where I was speaking at a conference for an incredible organization, Traders4ACause. T4AC19 was the 6th edition of this hallmark conference, hosted each fall in Las Vegas. It was an amazing weekend filled with networking, educational, and motivational presentations (and plenty of social events). This conference really provides an unparalleled opportunity to rub elbows and exchange ideas with some of the brightest minds in the financial industry. 

My favorite part about this event is that Traders4ACause prides itself on providing a “sales pitch” free learning and social environment, with a program sincerely focused on actionable ideas and strategies to foster success. An in-person event that’s sometimes hard to find these days.

Here’s why in-person live trading events are so important for trading growth…

The first night, the speakers and VIP’s were invited to a gorgeous home in suburban Las Vegas, where we got to meet, connect, and talk trading. 

Carolyn Boroden, our Fibonacci Queen, Jon Najarian, from Market Rebellion, and myself.

The second night, we were able to mingle with the attendees, at Beer Park, overlooking the Bellagio and its famous fountains. 

View of the foundations at the Bellagio from our evening event. 

After a few days of fun, the real work began. 

Trade Talks Begin

On Saturday, it was my turn for a Trader Talk, and I spoke about the importance of identifying relative strength in the market.

The speakers each took part in 12-15 minute segments, focusing on their favorite piece of wisdom to impart in the market right now. The topics ranged from crypto, to trading psychology, to options trading, and earnings. 

A snapshot of my segment at Traders4aCause.

The In-Person Difference

Each time I attend, or speak at one of these events, the overarching theme is how much different it is to be in-person, versus sitting behind a monitor. 

The benefits of meeting face to face, walking through trading ideas, missteps, and total failures is something that always takes me a few steps further in my trading journey. 

That’s why if you’ve been a part of the Simpler Family for awhile, you’ve probably heard us say at least a few times… being in-person really can make all the difference.

So if you missed out on this last in-person event, what can you do?

See You in Vegas?

Well I know many of you weren’t able to attend the last event, but luckily enough, there are two more events in Las Vegas in November!

Our trading team, including John Carter, Henry Gambell, Carolyn Borden, Jack Roberts, and myself, are all heading back to Las Vegas at the beginning of November. (Should I just buy some real estate there, haha?)


We’re going to start off by hosting a Simpler Trading, special one-day event at the Waldorf, on November 6th. 

This is going to be a day filled with trading plan discussions, trade setups and most of all, live trading. It’ll all be capped off with a Wednesday evening cocktail party.

Want more information? Check out this link to our event here.

Traders Expo

After that we’ll head to the Traders Expo. At this event, you’ll be able to learn from over 75 different speakers (not just Simpler), discussing all types of trading topics and strategies. 

As for me, I’ll be doing three separate presentations.

In my first presentation, I’m focusing on trading futures index options at market open.  Next, I’ll discuss my strategy surrounding ‘Finding Phoenix.’ This’ll be capped off with a special presentation with Henry and myself, where we’ll discuss our favorite options income strategies in an in-person, master class. 

Want to join us? Check out this link to our event here.

In Conclusion

Trading alone in my office is something I love, and do every day. But, nothing compares to getting out of the office and meeting other traders in-person.

But now, I want to hear about you.

Have you attended a live trading event before? Are you interested in attending one? Tell me, what type of event you’d like to see, and I’ll see if I can make it happen! And, most importantly, let me know if you’re headed to Vegas.

Hope to see you there!

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