Looking for Cracks…

as the S&P pauses at resistance. You may have noticed that the market has been a bit lackluster after the initial test of $2815 in the S&P. As a key area of resistance, in fact, one of the last major areas of resistance on the path to $3,000, it’s no surprise that the S&P is … Read more

[Case Study]: Does Phoenix work?

Let me show you. After my webinar last week and my upcoming one this week, I’ve been getting a lot of emails asking how well Phoenix works. Plain and simple, now that I have it, I can’t imagine trading without it. So what I’m going to do for this issue is present to you a … Read more

In this case, don’t fight the Fed

Time and time again I’ve had people tell me, “But HOW did X chart trade directly through my resistance levels?” And I’m right there with you. I’ve said it myself a time or two. That’s why today, especially with this crazy earnings season (where that could very well be happening to you right now), I’m … Read more

Here’s why banking stocks are important…

And why you should especially care about them around earnings season. In Monday’s issue, I went through a few various sectors and identified the strength and weakness I was seeing, and demonstrated that I’d focus on these sectors in ‘if, then’ situations. Why? Because, from week to week, especially during earnings season when the market … Read more

Kicking off Earnings Season: Here’s what I’m looking at…

This week, it’s all about earnings season… And investor’s subsequent reactions as companies report earnings numbers, comment on guidance, and future projections. Here’s what matters this earnings season… As I’ve mentioned before, Apple, Samsung, Macy’s, and American Airlines have already come out and said last quarter’s numbers weren’t as high as previously projected, which further … Read more

Is there a dark shadow looming on Q4 Earnings Season?

Yesterday I wrote all about the talk of tariff wars, and how China’s thrown Apple through a tailspin. In case you’ve missed it, Samsung is following Apple’s lead, by pre-announcing poor earnings due to issues with China as well. What does this mean for traders? Simple, look for a domino affect this earnings season, of … Read more