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Put or Hedge? Prep For Corrections-

Hey 5-Star Trader, It’s not a secret that there has been a surge of new kinds of buyers in the market. Over the past year, we’ve seen the willingness for “green” traders to jump in and take their best stab at dabbling in the market. From Reddit users to first-time millennial traders, the demographics of … Read more

Avoiding earnings mistakes

Hey Five Star Trader, Last week, I touched on some of my favorite tips and tricks for trading earnings. This week, I want to share with you some of the biggest lessons I learned when trading reports. Here are my top three lessons I learned… 1) History is your best friend A big mistake that … Read more

Finding quarterly patterns

Hey Five Star Trader, In the world of trading, there aren’t many ‘repeats’ in the stock market. Macro conditions, trends, hot stocks, and elected officials change, and the market changes with them. But there is one event that occurs regardless of any of these other aspects. What is it, you might ask? Earnings reports. Publicly … Read more