Your Very Own Stock and ETF Portfolio

How I’ve used my new strategy to strive towards a long-term goal (and you can too). Majority of my letters have been centered around options (makes sense, since that’s predominantly what I trade). However I definitely trade ETFs too, and I know some of the “Five Star” community does as well. (Thanks for writing in, … Read more

[Q&A]: You asked, I answered…

In yesterday’s issue I asked you to write me… And I was overwhelmed — by not only the amount of responses, but also the positive feedback and words of encouragement. It’s awesome to see trading change people’s lives the way it’s changed mine. I’m so glad you’re committed to this journey, and that we can … Read more

The one way to play this market

I’ve been looking forward to writing this issue since we officially launched “Five Star Trader,” and it’s finally here… my first free member webinar is tomorrow! How to Cherry Pick Stocks in 2019 If you’re engaged here at Simpler, you’ve probably heard a thing or two about this — It’s about these stocks I’m calling … Read more

[Q&A]: Why’d you make the switch?

Q: Why’d You Make The Switch? Today I wanted to answer a question I got on my e-letter last week about bank earnings. One of our Options Gold members, Vol, wrote, “Last week you wrote about being bullish banks after bank earnings were positive. I believe the week before, you were bearish banks. Am I … Read more

Everything’s ‘officially’ falling, but I have a game plan!

While the past two months have been volatile and bleak, this week, something worse (for the bulls) happened. While previously we’ve seen three sectors holding up the market – utilities, healthcare and consumer staples… This week even these faltered… The S&Ps have 11 sectors and for the S&Ps to rise, they need at least three … Read more

Here it is… What to buy…

If you read my post yesterday, you know what today’s post is all about… What to buy. If you didn’t you can check out yesterday’s post HERE before reading the rest of today’s. For starters, let’s pick up where we left off… Transports and industrials. I said yesterday that many of the stocks in this … Read more