Here’s 3 ways to play the same strategy

Case Study: BYND A ton of emails I’ve gotten this week have surrounded two very important questions. For today, I’m going to walk you through my recent trade in BYND to provide the answer to those questions, and some additional analysis (and an awesome graphic). Here are the questions… Question: What size account do you … Read more

How timing in Amazon made over 1200%

On Friday, I was able to close out a butterfly for over 1200% profit. I bought it for $1.34 per contract, and sold it for $16.30. This is the type of lotto ticket type trade in which all of my experience and analysis came together, for the perfect trade. Whenever that happens, it’s critical to … Read more

[Q&A]: Let’s talk butterflies…

Thank you to everyone who responded to my request in the last issue. If you remember, I asked which strategies you’d like to learn more about. Overwhelmingly, the response I got was butterflies. So for this issue, let’s go back and revisit one of my previous calls, to look at some trading examples. That way … Read more

Four Types of Options Trades

While I’ve been on vacation, the market has been rather sluggish — trading between 2800-2825 in the S&Ps (for the most part). While I prefer an explosive, directional market (who doesn’t!?), I also appreciate premium selling strategies, and more conservative, directional takes like butterflies and unbalanced butterflies. You have to think of the market like … Read more

[Case Study]: $1k profit in an hour…

Finding Phoenix: MDB I’ve talked several times about these cloud computing companies — they’re big time stocks right now that I’ve been paying close attention to (and if you haven’t been, you definitely should). For today, to elaborate on the strength of this industry, I’m going to talk about a recent trade in MDB. You’ll … Read more

[Video]: Breaking down the technicals

As promised, here’s my follow-up from yesterday. What’s even better about actually taking the time to break down the technicals, and show you how I do what I do (so you can too)… is when the play I’ve been talking about continues to pan out well. You’ll see what I mean later. Remember yesterday I … Read more

[Video]: Five Star Phoenix

ETSY Trade Idea and Chart Setup For my issue today, I decided to do something a little different — figured I’d wrap up the market week in a new way. So I went and made a video walking you step-by-step through my trade idea in ETSY. If you remember, I talked all about ETSY in … Read more