[Video]: Breaking down the technicals

As promised, here’s my follow-up from yesterday.

What’s even better about actually taking the time to break down the technicals, and show you how I do what I do (so you can too)… is when the play I’ve been talking about continues to pan out well.

You’ll see what I mean later.

Remember yesterday I talked about the S&P taking a breather as well as, the individual stocks that align with my overall sector analysis. Well I told you I’d make a video diving deeper into the technicals behind my picks (and why they’re so important). So I did.

Check out the video and the extended explanation below…

To start, let’s talk technicals…

The Double Squeeze

Some of you may be familiar with the concept of the ‘Triple Squeeze.’ This is a term that John Carter has coined. It’s a pretty simple concept.

Any squeeze — an identification of consolidation that is ready for a breakout — on its own, is a valid trade setup. But of course, as directional traders, we’re always looking for a way to identify the most market movement. One way to do this is by comparing various squeezes on stocks, sectors, and indexes, and looking for a confluence in the same arena.

If, for example, the Nasdaq, the technology sector (XLK), and Microsoft all had squeezes across the same time frame, this would be considered a ‘Triple Squeeze.’ This is one of our most powerful setups, but it’s like a rainbow… it only comes around every now and then.

Why is it so great?

Well because, it’s not just one stock in consolidation. It’s the entire index and sector as well, and the breakout is typically pretty massive.

Why is this important?

Recognizing when a major index, sector, or stock is going to move is the best way to make money. Identifying and positioning yourself for breakouts within specific sectors is critical.

Now, in this moment I don’t have any Triple Squeezes. But, I do have Double Squeezes.

A Double Squeeze is when specific sectors, and major stocks within those sectors, are squeezing on the same time frame.

Where are they?

Right now, I have setups across healthcare, energy, financials, consumer discretionary, and communications. Let’s focus on communications and consumer discretionary.

FYI, in other words, once this market is done consolidating… it’s going to move, in a big way (NFLX has actually already started this move.)

Check out the video on this technical setup HERE.

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Now let’s focus on the respective sectors and specific stocks within them.

These are stocks I’m looking at right now. I’ve included pictures of exactly where you can see the technicals on my charts.

The Communications Sector – XLC – 195 Minute Chart

This chart exhibits a beautiful uptrend, and the last few days, it’s been consolidating on the 195-minute chart timeframe. As such, I’ve been on the lookout for stocks within this sector, that are also consolidating. I’m looking for a bullish trending pattern, relative strength, and a matching squeeze. This is a short-term time frame trade, and my target is the Fibonacci extension around $48.

Phoenix Finder – XLC – Daily Chart

Consulting Phoenix, my trend strength based tool, it’s evident that Facebook, Google, Netflix, Viacom, and Fox are standouts within the sector. Think, “he who has the most green boxes wins.”

NFLX – 195-minute Chart

On this NFLX chart, you can see the 195-minute squeeze, along with RAF buy signals that come with the pullback into the level of symmetry at $350. This pullback is a great opportunity for a buy for me, especially since it coincides with the XLC squeeze and it’s own squeeze at symmetry.

Full transparency, I actually took this screenshot yesterday, and NFLX started moving perfectly within the back half of the market day today. It moved exactly as the technicals told me it would (point taken on why technicals are so critical).

How am I trading it?

I hold long XLY, and I’m adding more long XLC to my long-term stock portfolio, as they’ve been the strongest sectors this year thus far. Additionally, I traded GOOGL with a bullish put credit spread, looking for a trade into $1170. As for NFLX, I’ve sold bullish put credit spreads, as well as placed a butterfly to capture the upwards price movement.

Next on my Radar?

The Consumer Discretionary Sector – XLY – 195-minute Chart

This 195-minute chart is showing consolidation as well, and looks primed for the next leg higher.

What will I trade next?

Well, I’ll consult Phoenix but more than likely it’ll be another stab at NKE, SBUX, TJX, or of course, my favorite, AMZN.

As always, I’ll keep you posted! Let me know what you’re trading in the comments below.

9 thoughts on “[Video]: Breaking down the technicals”

  1. Hi Danielle…

    I like the picks and the clarification of your reasoning process. I am in these trades as well.

    I expect the Tariff Agreement with China will become law, and some of the Chinese stocks will be major beneficiaries. I am long a few at the moment… JD, BABA CQQQ, FXI and will add more next week. Thanks for your valuable input. Best !

    • Hey Stretch –

      Glad you found it helpful!

      I agree with you on the China list. I also like several industrial companies in this instance, for example DE and CAT, along with the semis.


  2. Hi Danielle,

    I apologize for the question(s).
    I would like to know if ‘5-Star’ is a subscription service or community?
    Which service can I subscribe to receive your trade ideas of this service, or more specifically, trade alerts for ‘5-Star’?
    What is the starting structure here? Do I start by purchasing your classes under ‘5-Star, Services’ as well as subscribing to the ‘Simpler Options Live Trading Room, Membership’?
    Very interested. I simply want to know where to begin, and following your trades while I’m learning is vital for me.
    Thank you!


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