[Q&A]: You asked, I answered…

In yesterday’s issue I asked you to write me…

And I was overwhelmed — by not only the amount of responses, but also the positive feedback and words of encouragement. It’s awesome to see trading change people’s lives the way it’s changed mine.

I’m so glad you’re committed to this journey, and that we can walk it side-by-side together.

So without further ado, here are some of the most common questions I received yesterday pertaining to my webinar tonight (P.S. It’s at 7 Central, and you can still sign up HERE)

Q: “I can’t make it during that time, as I live in a different time zone, what should I do?”

A: I get this question a ton, and don’t worry! Just follow the link to register anyway, enter in your email, get your confirmation email, and you’ll automatically receive the replay within 24 hours. Pretty much everything we do here at Simpler is recorded because we never want you to miss out on something because of other priorities. Live your life!

Q: “Where did the idea of ‘Phoenix’ stocks come from?”

A: Well very simply, the Phoenix Legend. Basically the phoenix is a bird that when it dies, it turns to ash, and from it a new phoenix is born. In a similar way, the strategy I’ll be showing tonight, picks out stocks that do just that… rise (and fall) from the ashes. It’s the idea that a particular stock just had a big move up, but when will it move down, and visa versa.

Q: “Will we learn the strategy during the webinar, or will there be more training?”

A: Awesome question! I’ll be showing you the strategy, the two new tools that are involved in the strategy, and several case studies (that more or less, gave birth to the strategy). Then at the end of the webinar, make sure to stick around, because there’ll be the opportunity to use that strategy for yourself and the tools that come with it!

Q: “What is the goal of the Phoenix Finder?”

A: The Phoenix Finder is a comparison tool that looks to identify how stocks behave as they change trends. Traders have always been able to look at any individual chart to identify where the trend changes, but this is time consuming and makes it difficult for traders to compare hundreds of stocks and pick the best ones. This tool is a multi-stock trend analysis tool. As it compares like stocks and sectors, it helps traders identify which stocks to select.’

Q: “What type of stocks can I use the Phoenix Finder on?”

A: I have specific stock baskets that I like to look at, including the sector SPDRs, and various industry groups that incorporate high growth stocks, income based stocks, and hedging plays. The best part about the tool though, is that you can use it across the sectors I like to look at, or you can look at your own.

Q: “Do I need to bring anything? How do I log in? How do I ask questions?”

A: All great questions. First, just bring yourself! And a pen and paper if you’d like to take additional notes, but you’ll get access to the full recording, and you can review it at anytime. Second, about an hour and then right before the webinar, you’ll receive an email containing the link with where to log in — just click the link, enter your info, and you’re in. Finally, once you’re logged in, you’ll see a space to ask questions on the side of your screen. Feel free to type in any questions you have during the webinar there. I always do my absolute best to get to any and all questions!
If I didn’t get to your question in this issue, please join me tonight at 7pm Central, and I’ll try to answer it then. I’m so looking forward to tonight, and I hope you are too. It’s going to be a ton of fun!

If you haven’t yet, you can definitely still jump in. Just register at this link HERE, and I’ll see you at 7pm Central.

See you there.

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