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I’ve been looking forward to writing this issue since we officially launched “Five Star Trader,” and it’s finally here… my first free member webinar is tomorrow! How to Cherry Pick Stocks in 2019

If you’re engaged here at Simpler, you’ve probably heard a thing or two about this — It’s about these stocks I’m calling ‘Phoenix’ stocks. I’ve also written about them in my last few issues.

All the things I write about — all the ideas — all the market insights and the things I want to educate you on really percolate in the webinars and classes we hold. So that’s why I’m writing a whole issue about this webinar opportunity.

I know for a fact, even if you may think you’re not ready to dive in, even if you aren’t super clear on what’s next in your trading future, you’ll 100% walk away smarter and further along in your trading journey by joining me tomorrow.

So here’s what we’re going to talk about tomorrow night (even if you’ve heard a bit about this webinar, read on, because I’m including some stuff I haven’t talked about anywhere and it’s only available in this Five Star Letter)…

First and foremost, getting to teach is one of my favorite things about being part of the Simpler Trading Team. After all, I’ll always be a teacher at heart. So getting to host my “Finding Phoenix Stocks” webinar tomorrow is something I’ve been looking forward to for awhile now.


To put it simply, I wouldn’t be doing nearly as well in an unpredictable market like this one… if it wasn’t for these ‘Phoenix’ stocks. And let me tell you I’m doing very well – and I want you to do as well as me. Remember “If I can do it – You can do it.”

As a quick reminder, here’s what a ‘Phoenix’ stock is.

I’ll also be introducing two brand new tools of mine.

What are the tools?

The first is called the “Phoenix Finder” indicator. This indicator makes finding these invaluable stocks ridiculously easy. So I really couldn’t name it anything besides the “Phoenix Finder.”

I was looking for a solution for how to identify the first stocks that move higher after a down move, and conversely the first ones that start falling after an up move.

The second is a bonus indicator called the “Trend Strength Candle.” It works fantastically with the “Phoenix Finder” to identify how you put your money on the strongest horse (a.k.a. who’s gonna make you the most money). I’ll reveal more about how these tools and why they are a must have for a trader’s stock selection process tomorrow.

But here’s a sneak peak of what they look like…

I’m looking forward to showing you how I put them into action during the webinar.

In addition to revealing the “Phoenix Finder” and “Trend Strength Candles,”, I’ll also be covering specific case studies I’ve gathered. I’ll show you a positive case study… and a not so positive one.

I pride myself on transparency, so I won’t lie to you when I say that I discovered this strategy through a big loss in NKE. After taking that loss, I reevaluated (as all traders should), thought to myself ‘how did an almost perfect setup go so wrong?,’ and looked for a lesson that I learned…

That’s when I found my first ‘Phoenix’ stock — of course, I didn’t know what it was at the time, but it’s what lead me to develop this new strategy. I would’ve liked to avoid the loss obviously, but I’m happy with the discovery it lead me to.

I’ll be showing you that specific case study tomorrow. Plus, like I said earlier, I’ll be showing you a much more positive case study. Because of this strategy I’ll be sharing, I was able to pocket a 50% overnight gain in AMZN.

You definitely don’t want to miss either of those.

With that, tomorrow’s the webinar…

And here’s the cool part about being a part of the “Five Star Trader” community — I want you to send me some questions. Questions I’ll only answer in my issue tomorrow.

I want to hear any question you have. “How much money have you made?”, “What kind of hours do you put in?” “How do you find these indicators?” Even if the question is, “What kind of pen should I use to take notes?” Just comment below or write me — I want to make sure you’re ready to go!

Talk to you tomorrow.

P.S. you can register for free to attend my webinar tomorrow at 7pm Central HERE.

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