Your Very Own Stock and ETF Portfolio

How I’ve used my new strategy to strive towards a long-term goal (and you can too).

Majority of my letters have been centered around options (makes sense, since that’s predominantly what I trade). However I definitely trade ETFs too, and I know some of the “Five Star” community does as well. (Thanks for writing in, you rock!)

So let’s take a break from options for a second and talk about building a stock and ETF portfolio. Be sure to read on because after finishing this letter, you’ll know:


  • How to build a stock and ETF portfolio
  • How I’m currently using my new Phoenix strategy in relation to ETFs
  • The Phoenix stocks I’ve found (and you can too) for long-term goals…


Now, remember, Phoenix can be used for picks for both stock and options plays.

Right now, I’m going to focus on my stock portfolio.

I’m currently using Phoenix to pick 1-3 stocks per MONTH. I’ll show you my picks in January, and keep in mind I’ll be using this same strategy each month from here on out.

I used Phoenix to add shares of Home Depot (HD), Cisco (CSCO), and SectorSPDR Consumer Discretionary ETF (XLY) to my long-term portfolio this month.

Why am I doing that?

Well, I want to set aside shares of stock for my son, Leo, like my dad did for me. It’s always been a goal of mine to provide for my son in whatever means I can — this has given me an avenue to do that.

Leo enjoying the outdoors at John’s Tesla Ranch.

I’m putting aside $200-500 per month to do this, and picking the stocks using Phoenix. You may think that isn’t a lot of money, but when you put it on the strongest horse, let it build overtime, it most definitely adds up.

This is a great way to put aside money.

How did I find Phoenix?

Well, it starts with an overall idea. When the market is strong, consumer discretionary stocks do well.

What are these stocks?

These are companies that make money based on discretionary spending. It includes companies like Amazon, Nike, Home Depot, and Starbucks. Additionally, within this sector, there are always going to be stocks that are stronger than the others. But keep in mind, you can just buy the sector as a whole as well!

How did I know XLY was one of the strongest sectors? Phoenix showed me.

XLY, the consumer discretionary sector, continues to be one of our strongest sectors (I’ve said this for awhile now), which I can clearly see here:

Now get this… I didn’t stop adding just XLY. I added Home Depot as well.


You guessed it, Home Depot is a Phoenix too. And, in 15 years, maybe Leo will be cashing out his XLY ETFs and Home Depot stock to pay for college.

That’s just one of the ways you can use Phoenix to look at long-term goals. Maybe it’s not your kid’s college tuition, but your retirement fund, or that boat you’ve always wanted.

Set a goal… then use this to give you the opportunity to achieve it!

Not a big ETF person, and not sure how to use Phoenix to make money? Join me in my webinar TONIGHT at 7pm central. Click here for the link and find out other ways.

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