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What About Disney Earnings?

Hey 5-Star Trader, Today I joined CNBC’s “Exchange” to discuss Disney (DIS) and its earnings report. Overall, I do not like how much consumers are willing to spend at the moment, so ultimately I am still bearish. Check out the full segment HERE!

Market Leaders Leading Towards Capitulation

Hey 5-Star Trader, Last Friday I joined CNBC to discuss how the Nasdaq market-leading stocks would determine the direction and they have led the way lower, here is the full breakdown or something The image below sums up the reason why the current bear market in the Nasdaq could potentially be catastrophic. After a 13-year … Read more

Earnings Misses…

Hey 5-Star Trader, Today I joined CNBC’s exchange to discuss more earnings “misses” and where I’m looking for my next short. Check out the full segment HERE!

Going Short On Facebook

Hey 5-Star Trader, Today I joined CNBC’s exchange to discuss Facebook (FB) and its earnings report. Overall, I remain short on Facebook and fear that they are not as innovative as they once were. Check out the full segment HERE!

Elon Musk Seals Twitter Deal?

Hey 5-Star Trader, Earlier today I joined Fox Business host, Charles Payne, to discuss my take on Elon Musk’s Twitter shares. For the full segment, click HERE. -Danielle =)

Earnings Report Repercussions

Hey 5-Star Trader, Today I joined “TraderTV Live” to discuss the current market sentiment. In this segment, we talked about… Netflix (NFLX) earnings – how is their major “miss” affecting the market? Tesla (TSLA) earnings – is their stellar report enough to hold up the market? Airlines – is this sector able to hold up? … Read more

Three Bails, One Buy

Hey 5-Star Trader, I joined CNBC’s “The Exchange” to talk about earnings destruction candidates. What does the “earnings destruction” pattern look like?  This is the pattern that appears when a ticker is more likely to fall going into earnings, due to a lack of earnings anticipation. This can occur both pre-earnings, while the ticker is … Read more

Three Buys, One Bail

Earlier this week I joined CNBC’s “The Exchange” to discuss which tickers were on my list – as well as which were not! Check out my watchlist below: 1) Datadog (DDOG) – Buy Reasons for DDOG: -Cyber security in focus / geopolitical issues shining a spotlight / growing industry group set to continue expanding -This … Read more

Which tickers are in my portfolio?

Last week, I wrote to you about how I’m bullishly trading this market. This week, I’m sharing with you the tickers I have on my watchlist, as promised. Plus, I’ve included how I plan to balance my portfolio between them.   Personally, I like to mix exposure between more reliable tickers and more volatile names. … Read more

One month to the election

Hey Five Star Traders, As I’m sure you’re aware by now, some huge news broke early Friday morning (10/2/2020). President Trump tweeted that him and First Lady Melania have tested positive for COVID-19. This of course, was an unexpected announcement and will no doubt have a rippling effect on many things including the market. Of … Read more