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Which tickers are in my portfolio?

Last week, I wrote to you about how I’m bullishly trading this market. This week, I’m sharing with you the tickers I have on my watchlist, as promised. Plus, I’ve included how I plan to balance my portfolio between them.   Personally, I like to mix exposure between more reliable tickers and more volatile names. … Read more

One month to the election

Hey Five Star Traders, As I’m sure you’re aware by now, some huge news broke early Friday morning (10/2/2020). President Trump tweeted that him and First Lady Melania have tested positive for COVID-19. This of course, was an unexpected announcement and will no doubt have a rippling effect on many things including the market. Of … Read more

No time to travel

The travel industry has been in serious trouble this year. With COVID continuing to be a threat, traveling is the last thing on people’s minds (me included). Because of this, I do not like travel stocks here at all, and I think they will get worse before they get better, despite Americans somewhat getting back to … Read more

Uber agrees to buy Postmates

In an attempt to give themselves an edge over Lyft, Uber agreed to buy Postmates for $2.65 billion dollars, and today they’re up 4%, but what does this mean for this stock in the long haul? My overall analysis of the situation is that this is an underwhelming move on Uber’s part. Does this give … Read more

Netflix has room left to run

Netflix has been downgraded due to the massive move it’s already made this year, and I can understand the downgrade. After all, it’s up 50% — how much more could it go? I normally wouldn’t expect a stock to continue higher, but in this instance, I do. Why? NFLX is up another 5% today! Normally … Read more

Don’t Panic over U.S. Housing

The spring home-buying season took a bit of a hit, which is an outcome that some of us could’ve expected. Why? Because sellers didn’t want potentially COVID-19 positive people in their homes during a worldwide pandemic. It makes sense, I’d feel the same way. However, we’re at a point now where parts of the country … Read more

COVID-19 Honey Badgers

One of my favorite moves at market open is looking for honey badgers. What’s a honey badger? It’s a stock that defies the relative strength of the market because they’re benefiting from this world-wide pandemic, which makes them explosion candidates going into earnings. When I have my eye on one in particular, I’ll first wait … Read more

Is Norwegian’s Ship Sunk?

There’s no doubt there are sectors in the market that’ve been hit harder than others during this pandemic, but for me, cruise lines are the ones who’ve been hit the hardest, even worse than airlines. Why? For starters, they’re basically floating Petri dishes making consumers unwilling to entertain the idea of vacationing on one of … Read more

I’m looking at Alibaba going into Earnings

Lately, my primary trading focus has been on relative strength winners that’re benefiting from COVID-19. One of my favorite trading setups is the rally prior to an earnings report on bullish anticipation of the actual report. Typically, I start this trade about 7-14 days prior and/or when it hits key support levels. Last week, Amazon … Read more