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A Severe Break in the Bull Market – What are the Impacts?

After an incredibly strong, bull run — the longest in history, that lasted 11 years, the S&P and Dow hit bear market territory. This fall from the sky was the quickest the market has ever gone from an all-time high to bear market territory. It has investors and traders everywhere asking, “What happened?!” I discussed … Read more

The $1,000 Stock Club – Eyeing Autozone (AZO)


Looking at five, high flying stocks, Amazon (AMZN), Google (GOOGL), Booking.com (BKNG), (NVR) and Autozone (AZO) that are above $1,000 a piece, investors may wonder if any of them are worth the investment with such a high price. It’s especially tricky right now, because the market is again, at new, all-time highs – which is … Read more