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Eat, Sleep, Trade, REST, and Repeat

Henry Gambell has a saying (based on his favorite type of music — techno) that goes a little something like this “Eat, Sleep, Trade, Repeat.” It comes from a song “Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat,” and it’s something we at Simpler have embodied.

It’s not easy being a trader….

It’s incredibly time consuming for one thing, but it’s also mentally taxing — losing thousands of dollars in a day is unlike anything else I’ve ever experienced.

It can also be oh so lonely, like really lonely. Just sitting alone in a room staring at computer screens for hours on end, talking to yourself, and if you’re lucky, your pet or kid. But I’ve been blessed! To be able to not only do something I’m passionate about, but to do it alongside countless others. This community I get to be a part of is so unbelievably supportive.

I mean I’m sitting here writing this in Mandy (soon to be) Gambell’s bridal suit getting ready to watch her walk down the aisle to the man of her dreams, Henry. We love each other as traders, but also as people. It’s so important to have that sense of belonging — that sense of support. But for whatever reason, a lot of traders I’ve talked to aren’t aware of it.

They also aren’t aware how important it is to rest. For starters, if you’re trading options, the markets only open 5 days a week. I try to take the weekend to relax, destress, have a whiskey and coke, and evaluate. Much like I’m doing right now, enjoying the company of family and friends. If I didn’t take time off and rest… well I doubt I’d be here today. So get outside, have a drink, support one another, and rest.

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