For the love of trading

It’s not often I take a break from the market. But this week I had a trip to Jamaica planned to spend some much needed time away from the daily grind. I fully intended on taking a total break. 

It’s easy to say that — but, after all, the reason why I embarked on this trading journey to begin with is because I wanted to be able to work from wherever I pleased. Right?

I’ve always been a bit of a nomad — living in various states across the US and in Central America. Of course, it’s difficult to excel in a profession if you can’t stay in one place. With trading, this isn’t the case.

Here’s why…

It can truly be done from anywhere. 

This week, I promised I’d take a break, as it’s the first vacation I’ve had in awhile. No trading room, no daily updates, and only a few trades — Amazon and Intel! I snuck a look at my phone earlier today, and I was happy to see them both rallying. Luckily! There’s nothing worse than trying to manage bad trades on a beach. 

But of course, trading is more than a job to me. It’s become my passion and my life. Teaching it, even more so.

So today, my husband and I, along with our great friends, found ourselves at the poolside bar listening to John at the close (which is easy to do with a water resistant phone and the Simpler Trading app!). 

Missing the market close as a trader is like a football fan leaving halfway through the 4th quarter when your team is trailing by a touchdown… you just have to stay until the end! 

Of course, John saw Beyond Meat and Tesla moving (what a massive short squeeze!), and there was just no way we could resist. Thanks to the TOS mobile app, Henry and I snatched up a bit more TSLA and finished out the close while Darrell and Mandy laughed at our inability to leave the market alone, knowing the market would be closing soon. 

It’s because — no matter where I go, no matter what I’m doing — I’m still a trader.

Every day as a trader isn’t going to be a good one. There are days where I get my teeth kicked in, and I wonder why am I putting myself through this stress? It’s because the love of trading, and the freedom, far outweighs the teeth kicking moments — and I can jump in the game from anywhere, at anytime. We do it, and we teach it — for the love of trading.

3 thoughts on “For the love of trading”

  1. So glad you and Darrell could get away with Henry and Mandy. Hope you are enjoying your much needed break. Know that you are missed.

  2. Attagirl, Danielle! Congrats on your win at poolside in TSLA. I hope you share the details with us in class next week. Bon voyage!


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