The freedom trading provides for you?

As we wrap-up the 4th of July weekend, a main theme that’s always around this holiday (and really the reason we celebrate it to begin with) is freedom.

I’m so thankful to live in a country where we have this type of freedom to pursue dreams we couldn’t otherwise, and to help others pursue their version of freedom.

That’s why it was hilarious when I had a conversation with my son, Leo about the beginning of his ‘loss of freedom’ only to once again realize the freedom trading provides us.

So here I am recapping the conversation, passing on some words of wisdom, and hoping to provide you with a little something extra…

Leo’s going to start kindergarten next month. Up until now, he’s been in daycare-esq preschool — with a much more flexible schedule than what’s coming up in August. I love the conversations I have with him. At times, his thoughts reflect those of one beyond his years.

I was taking him to camp this morning — a transition from daycare, that has set hours and days. I explained to him that starting now, he’s going to have to go to school at the same time, every day, five days of the week.

Of course, for this kid, who’s so accustomed to travelling (he had already been on 9 different airplane rides by the time he was a year old), his response was exactly like mine when I was given the thought of entering the corporate world after university.

“Whattttt!! I have to go, EVERY DAY! For HOW LONG? THIS EARLY!? When can we miss a day? Can I only miss when I’m sick? I want to visit grandma and grandpa!”


Leo, discovering the Baths in the Virgin Islands.

 My response, of course, was, “Well, now that you’re going to start kindergarten, it’ll be that way all the way through elementary school…and then there’s junior high…and then there’s high school, and then, most likely college. And, after that, you’ll get to work, and make your own money… but you’ll still likely have the same schedule! That’s just how life works.

Or – you can learn how to big the big boss – like John. It takes a lot of work but it’s worth it.”

Leo’s answer… a picture of sheer terror (as told by our dog, Mars).

Wisdom of Fathers

Then my husband, and father to our son, did what he does best… provided some additional wisdom. Which is why he’s the first of the three key ‘fathers’ in my life, that I’m going to talk about (all of which, are full of wisdom).

Upon my son’s complaints at almost six years old at the prospect of living a regular schedule, doing what he’s told, and working for someone else until the end of time…

My husband was the first to tell him: “Those are your two options. Learn a skill and work for someone else, or come up with an idea and be your own boss. Then you can do (mostly) as you please.”

Wise. Words. Can you say ‘financial freedom thanks to the trading lifestyle’?

The Second ‘Father of Wisdom’?

Simpler’s fearless leader John — who I consider the dad-boss.

Why’s he a dad-boss? Well, he’s more like a life coach than a boss, working to inspire all of us every day, to be our best selves. And why does he trade? Because of this…

“I worked in corporate America where I had a specific job that I did.  Nobody was interested in trying anything new.  It was all about “managing what we had” and not growing.  Looking back, it wore me down and when I finally left. I was unhealthy physically and mentally. Coworkers that had been there twenty plus years reinforced this with each other while eating donuts and complaining. I watched them become sick, tired, and stuck. It horrified me. Was that my future? Slow disintegration? 

Trading saved me. This is part of what keeps me going, as my life would be way easier if I just traded. I want to save other people from the chains of corporate America. And, to the extent I’m able, to save other people from the chains they impose on themselves.” – John Carter

It’s this wisdom and vision that drove me initially to study from John, and it continually drives me to excel in my craft.

The Third?

My father.

Of course, as many of you have heard, it was my father that got me into trading to begin with. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be here talking to you today. But, that story deserves it’s own letter.

The Lesson for Leo

In conclusion, much like myself and many of you, Leo will find out some day the freedom and glory that comes from learning a skill that’ll take you places you had no idea existed. After all, I was always told that there was a straight path — one that involved lots of hours of studying and working for someone else.

Now, I know that isn’t necessarily the case.

Why I Trade

Now I wake up every day (when not on a mental vacation) and do this because I love it. But, I also do it because I’m free. I can trade from wherever I want, and I’m not restricted by the life of corporate America.

Now I have the choice to do what I want. Something that inspired me was not only John’s mission, but his Tesla ranch. Back in 2014, he made a million dollar trade on TSLA… and turned it into a 500 acre ranch.

I’m not from Texas, and I never thought I’d want a ranch. I don’t even know how to ride a horse. I do want to learn how to make goat cheese, though!

So then what’s my goal? Well, I don’t like trading TSLA, but I’m going to get us an Amazon ranch, so I can enjoy evenings like this all the time…

Me, enjoying 4th of July on the Tesla ranch.

What are some of the goals you’ve set for yourself in trading?

It’s important to set goals and expectations for yourself to provide motivation. So leave a goal in the comment section below, and let’s talk about how we can get there!

The first step?

Grab a $7 trial to our Options Gold Membership. The best way to start reaching that goal is by actually trading, so come trade live with John Carter, myself, and the rest of the Simpler Team five days a week, market open to close.

7 thoughts on “The freedom trading provides for you?”

    • Hey Kai,

      Me too! I love teaching my son every day the possibilities out there. It still amazing me how endless possibilities can be.


  1. Danielle,
    Good life stuff. I am presently in the Small Account Program with John and I have learned to be patient and let the game come to me. I have to admit that it is not easy seeing the account on a bit of a roller coaster ride. On my own I probably would have been stopped out on some of the trades but I sticking with John’s recommendations.
    Thanks for your intuition and thoughts on trading.

  2. I day traded FB today on vacation from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. $100 even in about 45 mins. That’s about $1,850 pesos. If you do it right that’s enough for a single person’s food for a week over here. My goal is to be consistent since this is my first time at trading on vacation over here.

    • Hey Chipper,

      BOOM! Nice job. Do you have any idea how much I love making money on vacation…it makes it 10x as sweet.

      Trading from anywhere is the main reason why I got into it. I like to see you living your dream!


  3. Danielle,
    YOU are an inspiration! I have really struggled to be profitable. But Financial Freedom IS my goal and I am determined to get there. I have learned so much from you and really appreciate your patient explanations of every trade. Most of all I love your enthusiasm for trading. It’s contagious.
    Thank you.
    Portland, OR

    • Hey Lydia,

      Thank you so much for your kind comment! I always love seeing you in the room!

      Have a great weekend –



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