Going back to where it began…


As I prepare to head back to Seattle this summer, and speak at the MoneyShow Seattle, I reflect back on all that has happened in my trading career since I first made the move to Austin and took this position, teaching my craft. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind, but I know how I got here, and it’s one of the aspects that I love sharing, to help inspire others.

One of the most common questions I get is, how I got started trading. The next question I get is, “At what point, did you know you wanted to do this? That you could actually be a serious trader?” And the third is, “How long will it take me?”

So, let’s take these one at a time…

How I Got Started

It all started when I was living in Seattle, where I primarily grew up. Though I’m actually from Kansas City, Missouri (yes, a Midwestern girl at heart). My dad suggested that I learn options trading (a daunting feat, I thought) but, I knew he had traded for over 30 years. So, I said to myself, “Well…if he can do it, then I can do it, right?”

And so it began.

I didn’t believe him that I could ever make a life — or a career — out of something as obscure as options trading. Most people are familiar with investing, especially from a 401k and retirement fund perspective. But, most people let someone else manage their money. Some people are familiar with trading stock. But options? Really? The majority of the time when I talk to people outside of our community, they aren’t familiar with what we do.

Here lies the importance of community — building one and maintaining it.

When I Knew There Was No Looking Backwards

In the beginning, when I was learning to trade options (from, primarily my dad, John Carter, and Henry Gambell as well), it seemed like a stretch. But then, I found my community at Simpler Trading.

I met other people, just like me, across all walks of life, who just wanted to manage their own money, and be able to make more than the set wage they’re making at their regular job. It was when I attended a live event for the first time, that I knew I wouldn’t go back to working an hourly job.

It was then that I decided to give it my all.

From Then to Now

I used to work from home, with my son, trading and learning in-between trips to the park and the gym. Once I committed myself to learning this craft, became an active part of the Simpler community, took classes, and studied, I was able to reach my full potential. Now, I’m a contributing author (have you gotten John Carter’s, Mastering the Trade? I wrote two chapters in John’s book).

My beginner’s journey in detail can be found within that book, along with how I came up with the Five Star Setup. In addition to my work in at Simpler Trading, I’m also a regular expert commentator on a variety of networks such as Fox, Yahoo Finance, RT America, Cheddar, and more.  

How Long Will It Take You?

That all depends on how much conviction you have… if you’re going to make it as a trader. That is what I’m here for, and it’s my goal to help you do that.

A huge part of that is being an active part of the community, and taking classes that appeal to you. For me, I looked at it like going back to university. I signed up for classes that I felt would help me improve my craft, and when I took them, I took notes, rewatched the recordings, asked questions, and made friends who were doing the same.

If you want to dive in deeper, I’ve written about my experiences before, at our live trading events. You can also find me at the MoneyShow, a few times a year. Sometimes reaching out in person, is just what you need. It certainly helped me!

If you want to take that next step, come say hi to me in Seattle in June. Sign up here to join me at the Money Show for my in-person talk.

Here are the details of my talk:

‘Finding Phoenix — Identifying the Best in Breed.’

I’ll be teaching my distinct, stock picking formula that allows me to select the ‘best in breed’ stocks, ETFs, and options trades, along with discussing my favorite stock picking mines. Some of my favorite hand-picked stock baskets include: Cloud Kings, Cyber Security Warriors, Millennial’s Buy It, and Grandma Loves It lists. My process begins by recognizing hot industries that are experiencing exponential growth — comparing the companies on a technical and fundamental basis, and then waiting for a high probability moment in time to jump on the trade. Learn how to pick the best in breed, and invest in companies that’ll continue to grow for years to come.

I’m incredibly excited to be going back to Seattle — where it all began for me. Not only to see my family, but to speak in the city where it all started. Let me know if you’ll be there. Hope to see you around!

5 thoughts on “Going back to where it began…”

  1. Hi Danielle!
    I’m a Simpler subscriber with Raghee’s Futures Rm and JC’s new Small Acct Mastery and have family in the Vancouver area. Maybe my wife Cathy and I will be able to make it to Seattle to hear your talk. Simpler has done more for my trading than anything else by far! I am now actually making money and almost in a consistent way.
    Best Regards,
    Matthew Sutton

  2. Just joined the community and live in Seattle – will see you there. I’m determined to make this my career! Oh

    • Hey Marilyn –

      Determination is a HUGE part of the battle! Looking forward to seeing you. Come up and say hi!



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