Google after earnings

Today I want to write to you about my thoughts on Google.

Each quarter of the year traders and investors alike wait for the much anticipated FAANG earning reports to come out, and one of those reports comes from Alphabet (GOOGL). Earlier this month, when GOOGL released their reports, the stock promptly experienced a gap up.

Now, with GOOGL sitting at such a high price point…

Is it still a good ticker to invest in?

While I’m generally bullish on GOOGL, I chose not to buy it after the earnings gap up.

Instead, I’d like to see it pullback, first. If it ever pulled back to $1950, that’d be my signal to buy, though I think it only has room to run. Why? Because Google is the leader in its field in many different ways including their search and ads. But what really sets them apart is the unique business avenue they have with Youtube. 

Let’s talk about Google and Youtube…

I actually think people don’t realize the significance of Google and Youtube, and their growth potential.

Due to the pandemic, the world has completely changed, and these changes aren’t just going to disappear when the pandemic subsides. People all over the world have transitioned to an online lifestyle, and Youtube is one of the primary drivers of that. Look at the rate at which Gen Z uses Youtube, and think about the generations younger than them. My son is only seven and he uses it every day. Additionally, his teacher uses it every day to create her online lessons.

This is something that will only continue to expand as time goes on. So, I actually think that due to Youtube and how the world has changed, Google has even more growth potential than analysts are giving them credit for. 

Sure, there are other social media platforms, but there’s nothing that seriously competes with Youtube currently, and I think even if a giant like Facebook decides to make their own Youtube… Google is lightyears ahead.

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1 thought on “Google after earnings”

  1. As always, Danielle. Right on! As a (very minor) content developer for YouTube, I can also report that their front end system interface and tools for managing videos and someone’s video channel have improved quite dramatically. They call the new environment, YouTube Studio. It’s still pretty confusing for new users.. but better than even two months ago as the piece parts have come together. I have also noticed more small businesses, like real estate agencies, for example, are using video rather than blog posts to communicate marketing messages and education that helps with name and brand awareness. I really think you are onto something with your analysis… and also agree that timing on the impact on stock price may need some further consideration. Thanks for your informative posts!


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