In difficulty, lies opportunity

“In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity.” Albert Einstein 

As I’m sure many of you are experiencing, life has changed significantly over the course of the past few weeks. Some of these changes are admittedly for the better. My daily routine has changed, my trading has changed, along with my overall focus, and mentality. 

One of my favorite changes is how I’ve switched up my trading strategy throughout volatility, along with identifying long-term investment opportunities during this historic time. 

I believe the coronavirus crash is one of the best market opportunities I’ll see in my lifetime.

And, it’s something I get to spend so much time focusing on. No traffic, no being on an airplane when the market’s crashing (like I was on February 21st!), and more active members to chat with than ever with everyone being stuck at home. I absolutely love the collaboration! 

For active traders, being able to harness these moves can equal huge opportunities.  

For investors, being able to identify buying opportunities on a huge discount is an almost even bigger opportunity.

I know many of you are traders, and investors alike — just like me.  

I’ve found that staying positive, focusing on the good — especially things to be grateful for, along with identifying opportunities, has kept me going and thriving throughout this time.

Of course, that doesn’t mean everything is peachy keen… and I’m sure some of you can relate!

For example, my family’s driving me a bit nuts. My six year old son made a mummy costume out of toilet paper when I was tied up on a call that he thought was utterly hilarious. 

Of course, he doesn’t understand the toilet paper apocalypse since he’s been trapped inside and hasn’t seen the destruction of grocery stores! 

He also left his lizard cage open, so yesterday we spent a couple hours searching for lizards and frogs inside our house. We did eventually find them all. Thankfully, the indoor plant jungle I’ve made attracted them all right to their natural habitats.

That made for an interesting Saturday. 

However, at the same time, through lizard hunting and all, I just have to remind myself that things could be a lot worse. And, there are so many opportunities right now.

As traders, we’re so fortunate because we still have the ability to make money right now, especially in this volatility. We also have the knowledge that’s going to allow us to capitalize on this crash move in the stock market, in our long term investment accounts. For that, I’m so grateful.

I’m grateful that I chose this career path to begin with.

The primary reason I wanted to trade in the beginning was so I could be at home with my newborn. And, 7 years later, it’s coming incredibly in handy. 

Now, that’s not to say I’m trading the same way I was in January. Absolutely not! I know so many of you have traded with me, through the short squeezes in SPCE and the relative strength buys in AMD. Now, it’s all totally changed again — but, we must change with it, to not just survive, but thrive in this market condition. 

And now, more than ever, people are asking me about the stock market.

I do believe this’ll be one of the best buying opportunities for investors in my lifetime — when the time is right. I also believe the current volatility is something that only traders can take advantage of. 

So, I’ve put something together for everyone, that answers both these questions. 

“Danielle, how are you trading right now?”


“Danielle, what stocks are you looking at buying?”

It’s called my Momentum Crash Course + Coronavirus Trading 101 package.

Over here stuck in quarantine, in between chasing lizards, I put my heart and soul into this one, for all of you. Check it out here.

In the meantime, let me know if you have any questions! Write me down below, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

2 thoughts on “In difficulty, lies opportunity”

  1. Danielle, I definitely resonated with you while watching your webinar. I would give anything to be able to purchase the course right now but I just can’t, maybe in the future (hopefully not too late).
    I’m self-employed and have no work right now. I take care of my Mom and Mr. Lee who is 84. My hands are full but it’s always been a dream of mine to trade.
    I would love to meet you one of these days however we are kinda neighbors. I’m in Kerrville.
    God bless!

    • Hey Deb,

      No worries, the market will always be here! I hope things are going well for you. Hopefully at some point we will have an Austin members meetup after everything with COVID blows over. If we have one, I will likely post about it here.

      Hope you’re doing well!


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