Let’s talk about Netflix Pt. 2

This issue is a special continuation issue from “Cloud Kings Arising Pt. 1”

I said at the end of the issue this morning, that I’d right a special follow-up issue specifically on Netflix. Why? For several reasons, but the main one…

It’s the perfect Phoenix.

Let me explain why…

Can I tell you that Netflix was one of the primary reasons I went about creating Phoenix? The meteoric rise after the December pullback in the market was something I knew I wanted to be able to find — next time it happened.

Well, Netflix gave us that chance this week (along with several others I’ve been stalking).

Remember this letter and video from March 6th?

I spoke about the ‘Double Squeeze’ — and two different sectors I’ve been stalking, along with stocks within them. We talked about how strong the market was, but regardless, how we wanted to focus on where the strength was… within communications and consumer discretionary.

I’d been inching into positions since then, but with the pullback on Monday and Tuesday, I got my perfect opportunity to find Phoenix. Check out the charts below:

On this 78-minute chart, you can see how these top stocks go red, then immediately turn green after the market pullback. This is how I knew it was time to strike!

Netflix – Daily Chart

Remember that price target of $380 on Netflix? We’re just shy of this level, and I’m taking profits (though I think it has more room to run).

Well, this move made me over $2,300 this week in NFLX alone, not to mention trades in AMZN, The Dow, COUP, GLOB, etc.

Before I started trading, I made $12 an hour, and it would take me a month and a half to make that kind of money.

Not only did NFLX perform, but so did XLY and AMZN. Henry had some great trades on SBUX and CRM (two others that are main focuses in my Phoenix Folio).

Well, the moral of the story here is that these tickers are Phoenixes — they have relative strength, incredibly strong trends, and the minute market pullbacks are over… they rally like a bat out of hell.

This is why we jump on them, when they do.

I taught my class, ‘Finding Phoenix’ in February about everything I talked about above… and I’ve gotten so much demand, that we decided to offer a special 2.5 hour live trading session with me, with a purchase of the Phoenix Finder.

If you’re interested in joining me on April 4th, follow this link for all the details. I’d love to see you there!

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