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My ‘End of Year Review’

The beginning of a new year always has me reviewing the past year and looking forward to goals for this year. Last year, despite the craziness, was actually an amazing year for me.

I grew three different accounts, two with 500% growth and a third with 700% growth. These three accounts were a futures account, an options account, and another options account. This has been my best year on record, thus far.

I’m thankful I’ve seen a lot of growth in 2020, and I attribute a lot of this to…

A continual honing process when it comes to my trading.

It’s critical for traders to journal, document, and review their work. I usually do an ‘End of Year Review,’ at the end of each year. This year, I did this live in my Mastery program (fyi for all you members, you can find the recording in your dashboard).

During this ‘End of Year Review’, I specifically look for:

  • Tickers I made/lost the most money on
  • Setups I made/lost the most money on
  • Identify the absolute best patterns of the year to see where most of the growth came from
  • Identify places where I can cut losses better
  • Identify places where I can maximize setups and earn more potential growth
  • Highlight which options strategies worked best for me

After the ‘End of Year Review’, of course, comes the plan looking forward. 

Next Tuesday, I’ll be holding a free webinar in which I go over all of this information, including exact outlines of my favorite setups. Why? This isn’t to brag or try and highlight my wins — it’s because, when you’re doing something right, it’s absolutely critical to document that and learn from it, to do it even better the next year. 

If you’re interested in joining, as always it’s free, just click the hyperlink above or the image below to save your spot.

Another thing that’s absolutely crucial for traders?

Patterns (otherwise known as setups!) AND recognizing the best one, for the best market condition, is critical too. But, overall, account growth is all about this combination:

It’s that perfect combination where the overall method, options strategies, patterns, and risk/reward collide. I’ll be giving you ALL the details during my free webinar.

I can’t tell you what this year will bring, but I can tell you that I’m taking my blueprint that I’ve honed over my career and I plan on doing it again this year. 

P.S. Don’t worry I didn’t forget… last week, I promised a list of my favorite tickers for 2021. Click HERE to see what I’m watching closely.

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