Retail Winners of Coronavirus

Danielle Shay discusses the retail winners of the Coronavirus. Click the image above to learn more.

There is no doubt countless businesses have been suffering from the affects of the Coronavirus. Many have been forced to temporarily shut down and most of those still in operation have seen dramatically lower customer volume. Essentially, on the whole, most of our economy has been reeling from Covid-19.

With that being said, there are companies whose business models are actually benefiting from this pandemic. Click the image above to watch me discuss my thoughts on which companies could have potentially huge earnings in the upcoming months.

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1 thought on “Retail Winners of Coronavirus”

  1. The COVID-19 outbreak will no doubt have a very real effect on price movement and the upcoming Earnings season.
    A few ways to look at it, discounted sales over increased production costs =Less revenue.
    Discounted sales over moving existing Inventory = Increased sales but muted revenue.
    Increased sales (hoarding) over future sales = Decreased sales next quarter
    Increased prices (increased production costs) over no money to buy = Decreased sales reduced revenue.
    Necessity Items over Increased production costs = Similar sales muted revenue.
    I think the up and coming earnings will be muted with the potential of some great returns is some areas, focus will have to be on the ‘Picks and Shovel’ plays.
    There are certainly some cheap buys out there at the moment but there could be better opportunities up ahead as we have not felt the full effect of the ‘World wide Pandemic’.
    I will be watching some Chinese stocks as they were the first to get hit may be the first to Go.
    What do you think Danielle?


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