Shifting Strategy to Mirror Market Momentum

Danielle Shay joins Trader TV Live to discuss how she’s trading in today’s market. Click the image above to watch the full segment.

The market has seen bearish conditions over the past couple weeks, and it’s a huge departure from what we have been used to. In order to survive the changes we’ve been seeing, it’s paramount to adjust our strategies to fit these new conditions.

Before, I’d hold onto contracts on an average of three weeks. Now, with the way volatility is going, I’ve turned into more of an intraday trader. Additionally, most of what I’ve been focusing on lately is trading the indexes — as stock picking at the moment seems a bit tricky.

But does this mean I’m leaving everything I know behind for a new strategy? No.

Though some things are different, the core of how I trade will remain the same. I’m still a momentum trader that focuses on the “feel” of the market and whether it’s going up or down. Click here to watch the full clip.

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