The choices you’re presented with…

In my last letter, we talked about the ‘path less traveled,’ — specifically, how unique trading as a profession is, and the variety of paths we have to get to any given result.

The opportunity in it, is usually what draws people in. It’s also the primary source of frustration for many.

I personally find that trading is a lot like parenting. 

Here are the choices you’re presented with…

It doesn’t require any degree — and all kinds of people from all different walks of life have something in common — they’re parents. Not only that, but it can be completely confusing and terrifying, along with being incredibly fulfilling.  

Oftentimes, in parenting, like in trading — it just comes down to a choice. 

Which school should I send my son to? Private, public, maybe a charter? 

As traders, we have so many different choices to continue our education, and we often find ourselves asking which path is best. 

How should I react when my six year old starts losing it in a restaurant? Give him a hug, try to calm him down, take away his ipad, threaten an early bedtime? 

It’s like in trading when you know your trade’s going badly, but you’re not really sure what to do about it! 

Should I take my son out of school for four days, so he can come with me to NYC, so he can see what it is I’ve been doing? Or, is four days of kindergarten more important?

In all of these cases, it’s really just about choices — which is a blessing really that we have them at all. I may toss and turn about my decisions surrounding my child, the way many traders do when they aren’t sure they’re going down the right path.

I think more than anything it’s comforting to know that there isn’t ever just one right answer.

You can ask five different traders (or parents) how they handle a certain situation, and each may do it differently, but each tactic may work perfectly for their trading account (or family)!

That’s why we have a variety of classes and strategy offerings — different strokes for different folks!

If you want to join me for my free webinar on December 19th to hear about my January strategy, join me at this link.

As for me, I decided to take my son out of school so he could experience all that New York City at Christmastime has to offer… and he’s having a complete blast. It may’ve been slightly frowned upon by school administrators, but, Leo’s here experiencing the school of life. 

Visiting ‘the biggest Christmas tree in the world.’

Eating dinner with Toothless and Stompers, freshly made at the Build-a-Bear in FAO Schwartz. 

I couldn’t get him to do any handwriting, but we practiced counting in English and Spanish and practiced adding and subtracting coins to make dollars. I think that counts as school!

I’m headed back to brunch and to go ice skating, with a bunch of stuffed animals, so wish me luck! And remember, it’s just all about choices. 

1 thought on “The choices you’re presented with…”

  1. Hey Danielle, too much focus is about school, and not all the lessons really come through, you can not Teach someone who does not want to learn. Unfortunately the Schools Curriculum does what it has to, rather than embracing One’s strengths!!
    Leo is so lucky to be able to experience some of the wonders, and amazement’s of life.
    Hope you enjoyed Leo!!!


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