The Conclusion…

Tending to a garden

As I wrap up my several piece series on the interesting comparisons I’ve drawn from starting to garden to starting to trading, there have been so many awesome comments and questions from the Five Star community.

So I wanted to take the time to elaborate on the importance of these comparisons, and how it can help YOU become a better trader.

Here’s where we stand…

The Lesson throughout the Pain 

What I learned in gardening, just like in my trading, is that the path to success involves these key aspects:

  • Education — Why waste your time, money, and energy trying to do something, and doing it wrong, when you can reach out for help… and get started on the right foot to begin with? 
  • Focus — You’ll never be able to reach your goal when you’re all over the place, stretched in too many directions. Mastery requires focus.
  • Intention — Know what you’re after, and identify the path for getting there.

I thought it’d be ‘fun’ to make a ‘garden.’ It all blew up in my face. I wasted money, wasted time and in the end, I have less than five fruits and veggies to show for it. But I do have something valuable. Experience, that I’ll learn from.

Instead, if I’d decided, “I’m going to make a garden, which will have tomatoes, basil, and jalapenos, so I can make caprese salad, jalapeno poppers, and tomato sauce,” then I’d have been able to focus on my goal — instead of getting distracted and inundated by every single type of bug that eats every type of vegetable and having to spread my attention and focus. 

This is just like trading! The only way you’re going to succeed, is if you focus on a specific setup — why you’re getting into the trade to begin with — and the strategy — how you’re actually going to trade it! Being all over the place, without knowledge or mastery in a specific area isn’t going to get you anywhere except for a ticket to the land of pain and suffering! 

Even though we only got one sunflower — it was still an encouragement, to keep going.

So, what do I do now? 

Here’s me… spending more money, but starting again (with the knowledge I didn’t have before). 

I’ve gone through the trials and tribulations — in trading, and gardening. As far as my trading’s concerned, I focus on what I’m good at. And so, I start anew (like the Phoenix).

What does that look like? 

I love trading with the trend, and focusing on strong, relative strength names that outperform the market. I do this with low risk, high reward options strategies — in high probability moments in time. I’ve taken a method and I’ve mastered it. 

And now, for the first time, I’m able to share that with you, in a neat and concise way.

I’m officially launching my own mastery program, called the Stacked Profits Mastery, as I’ve mentioned to you a bit previously! 

This service will include my weekly watchlists, monthly trade alerts and live trading session, a members forum, my Five Star Trader newsletter with bi-weekly updates, learning center, and more! You can learn more here.

Our first live trading session is this Thursday. If you sign up now, you’ll start getting my Stacked Profits alerts and can immediately access the Member’s Dashboard! 

There… we’ll focus on one methodology, and one strategy, so we can all walk the path to mastery — together! 

4 thoughts on “The Conclusion…”

  1. I love the analogy, and the picture of Leo. Really helps as I’m now two months into my option trading journey.

    Thanks, Danielle

  2. Nice Sunflower. If it was left to mature and follow its progression as a plant you would have seeds for next year, if cared for correctly, that would produce strong Plants (Bit like staying in the trade when you should). In the short term you would have seeds to eat in salads etc (the low hanging fruit/taking profits when you should not when you have to). 🙂

    I look forward to the Stacked Profits Mastery. The class has has been one of my saviours in recent times with the Volatility.

    Great Work!!!!!

    • Thanks Craig!

      Unfortunately a hoard of caterpillars got to my sunflowers before they could mature. But, you’re right – I picked this one way too early and since all the others died, it was the only one I got!

      Do you have any ideas on how to get them to survive longer? I would have loved to collect the seeds…

      Have a great day, see you tomorrow!



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