This is the connection between gardening and trading

Which you may or may not know about

When you meet someone new, I’m sure you’re familiar with the question: “What do you do?” Followed by a, “Oh wow, how did you get into that?”

For me in particular, the — “I’m a trader” is usually followed by a look of total surprise.

And, as I’ve come so far in my career, at times it seems like starting out as a trader was a lifetime away.

However, sometimes my trading beginnings come back at me when I’m least expecting it… And, my recent interest in gardening has reminded me all too well about my very volatile beginnings in trading — and how I’ve gotten to where I’m at now.

How about this for a comparison (and how this lesson can help you)…

Even if you don’t garden — or trade (yet), take yourself back to any new skill you were attempting to learn. Playing a sport? Mastering an artistic skill? A potential profession? I’m sure a few of these parallels will sound familiar…

A New Hobby

My path to being a gardener was much like the one to becoming a trader.

One day, I decided I was tired of paying $5 for organic basil for the caprese salads that I love to eat, so I decided to buy a basil plant. Well, of course, after that I needed a tomato plant (and, a trip to Costco for some mozzarella). That makes sense, right?

Well apparently, you also need marigolds to plant near tomatoes to keep the bugs away (thanks Pinterest — still a buy, BTW), so I got some of those too. Of course, while I was buying the basil, it was right next to the thyme, rosemary, and mint (mojitos, anyone?!).

So, after my base idea — I ended up with an entire herb garden.

And this connects to trading how?

It reminds me of my first date with trading. I remember so clearly, back when Leo was just a newborn, and I sat with my dad in his office, listening to John’s charisma come through the speakers. I had to leave about five different times when my baby cried, but I kept coming back. Just like that first basil plant. 

I didn’t really understand much — or know what to do, but I was interested — just like when I decided to buy that first basil plant. And, there was something that told me to take the next step. So, after (half) listening to one class, I began joining in the trading room — and (gasp) — taking trades.

Now, the class (or the first plant) would’ve been a good place to stop and let my curiosity die. But, if you know me, you’ll know that I never do ANYTHING halfway. And so, the story goes on…

As it turns out, the stress of being a mom, trading, traveling every month, trying to figure out what I’m saying on my tv segment that day, going all over the place for events, etc — needs an outlet.

And so, my garden grew.

I decided I needed jalapenos (I don’t even like spicy food), cucumbers, watermelon, zucchini, gypsy peppers (what are those for?), lavender, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, and of course, I wanted to make a pumpkin patch for Leo. We even planted some mammoth sunflowers to go with the pumpkins!

When I’d get mad at the market (sorry, market gods!) I’d just go outside and plant something else, forget all about what was bothering me, and be ready to face it again!

It was working, and my stress levels were down, and my plants were growing…

But of course, just like in trading, I didn’t just plant an entire garden to immediately see a beautiful fruit and vegetable harvest, free of bugs and any issues whatsoever! Truly, I don’t know what I was thinking, but I wasn’t prepared for what was ahead.

It’s so funny to me, because after working on the garden for months… it’s only now that I can finally see the parallels to those that happen when people just start trading.

So, while you may not have a garden… the same may still go for you.

Here are the parallels:

  • Trading: Many people jump into trading, without having a clue what they’re doing → Gardening: I’ve never been able to keep plants alive.
  • Trading: They may sign up for 10 different services → Gardening: Why did I need gypsy peppers? I still have no idea what I could possibly make with those.
  • Trading: Then they wonder, why isn’t this working? → Gardening: Maybe because I got 15 types of plants, and didn’t know that each have their own sun, soil, watering, etc. requirements.
  • Trading: And, they typically expect it to work out immediately. Sometimes it does — but, more often than not, a mentor is what’s needed to take you to the next step → Gardening: Just like John and Henry were for me in trading… I’ll now be looking for a gardening mentor.

Back to the Garden

I was proud of myself for keeping the garden (mostly) alive throughout half of the Texas summer. But now, I’ve got vine borers eating my pumpkins and zucchinis, squirrels who love my tomatoes, cucumber beetles that got my cantaloupe and cucumbers, and caterpillars on my sunflowers! I’ve managed to save half of them (like my second year with my trading account) but I so wish I had more help when I first started — to save me frustration! 

Like a novice trader without a plan of action, I’m getting eaten on ALL sides!

To be fair, like I said… I started the garden on a whim. I didn’t do my research. I’ve only lived in Texas for a short time and have never attempted to grow anything here. I had no clue the type of bugs that exist solely to feast upon gardens. I’ve never heard of a cucumber beetle in my life! 

Any of these parallels with trading sound familiar? 

  • “That news came out of no-where!”
  • “Oh, whoops — I didn’t realize you could be assigned early!”
  • “Ooops, I entered my trade alert wrong!”
  • “OH! That’s how I could’ve mitigated my risk better!”

And then, I think back to my trading. And, the amount of traders I’ve spoken with over the years. 

I look at my garden that’s produced a few tomatoes and cucumbers (enough to keep me going) but it’s nowhere near the level of ‘real’ gardening. Well, I remember back when my trading was that way. And, I also remember, what it was that got me through. And now, I’m in the spot where I’m able to share that with you. 

I love seeing something I put together grow. Which, is not only a view on the Five Star community, but a reflection of myself. I’ve gone from trading a 7 Stocks to Success method, to selling income on directional charts, to stacking those trades with directional options, to learning how to maximize my leverage. It’s this process, that I want to share with you. 

Just like the garden, there are many ways to define success. Maybe you just want a pumpkin patch. Or, maybe the herb garden works for you. Or, maybe you’re the person (like me) that bought every plant (i.e. tried every trading strategy) in the store, and you still have no idea where you land. 

Well, that’s something I can help you with.

What can you do right now?

You’re already a step ahead by being a part of the Five Star community because I share tons of exclusive downloads, market insights, and trade setups with only you. But if you want to take the next step, let me present you with two options:

  1. Join me, John Carter, and the rest of the Simpler team in the Options Gold Room five days a week market open to close. We trade in real-time with our personal accounts, so we understand the stress on the line with ‘your own money.’ And for the first month? It’s only $7, you can grab your trial here.
  2. I’m hosting my first webinar since my Phoenix class this Thursday at 7pm Central. It’s called “Triple Stack Profits,” and that’s exactly what I’ve been consistently doing… doubling and tripling every dollar on really low risk trades. It’s awesome, and that’s why I can’t wait to share it. It’s completely free, and you can save a spot here.

Those are two great starting points, but if there’s something else you’d like to suggest as a ‘next step’ comment below and let me know!

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