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Which tickers are in my portfolio?

Last week, I wrote to you about how I’m bullishly trading this market. This week, I’m sharing with you the tickers I have on my watchlist, as promised. Plus, I’ve included how I plan to balance my portfolio between them.


Personally, I like to mix exposure between more reliable tickers and more volatile names. This is because I like to get the benefits from the more aggressive trades, but also have peace of mind knowing I’m putting money into consistent stocks. Equities that are in a mix of solid industry groups are thriving in our current times.

Here are some of my favorite equity plays…

Reliable tickers:

  • Walmart (WMT) and Costco (COST). These are consumer staples and have stayed very steady despite the fluctuations of the market. 
  • Lowes (LOW), Home Depot (HD), and Sherwin-Williams (SHW). These were the retail leaders and also stayed steady as many people chose to do home improvement during their quarantines.

More volatile tickers: 

  • Airbnb (ABNB), C3.ai (AI), Progyny (PGNY), and Upstart (UPST). These types of tickers are fantastic when trading options because they are relatively new to the market, and they have had hedge funds betting against them at high rates… which has led to a lot of high short interest. 

Where do we go from here?

As we make it further into 2021, my advice would be to look out for hot new stocks that are highly shorted by funds because when they get close to new, all-time highs, they can set up some massive moves. The next space I’m watching out for is alternative energy stocks such as First Solar (FSLR), Solar Edge (SEDG), and Plug Power (PLUG). These low-priced stocks that have the attention of Robinhooders and millennials can easily push through recent highs, setting up excellent short squeezes. While some of them won’t make sense from a valuation perspective if you can make money trading them, then does it really matter?

If you want to learn more, I joined Fox Business to discuss this further. Click the image below to watch the full segment. 

Danielle Shay joins Fox Business to discuss Walmart and pot stocks. Click the image above to watch the full segment.

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