A Sorely Needed Pullback…

Hey traders! The market is finally pulling back today after what has been a phenomenal run. While pullback days aren’t very enjoyable when you’re long, ideally, you’ve been taking profits on the way up and trimming positions at market extensions. As I was on vacation, I have been flat, minus a small position I entered … Read more

Top Hot Zone Tickers Today…

Hey Traders! I’m back from vacation and ready to locate some setups. Whenever I come back from a break, I have a regular process I do to identify spots to focus on. It goes something like this… Start with the major indexes (Nasdaq, S&P) and the Magnificent 7 stocks (Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet, Amazon, Nvidia, Meta, … Read more

Happy 4th of July!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far and looking forward to the shortened week! If you’re here in the United States, I hope your holiday is safe and enjoyable. I will personally be taking some time off this week to spend time with family and enjoy the holidays. I love cooking with my … Read more

Stock Picks & Trading Opportunities for Earnings Season!

Join me as I explore current short-term trading opportunities and top long-term stock picks, including NVDA, AVGO, AMD, MSFT, NFLX, and more! Discover my strategy for bullish stocks ahead of earnings season and bearish ones for shorting. With earnings season starting in July, now is the perfect time to find great opportunities after the recent … Read more

Potential Tech Stock Pullback, NVDA, GME, and More

On Friday, I joined Kelly Evans on CNBC The Exchange to discuss options expiration Friday, the pullback in NVDA along with potential buy levels, the drop in GameStop, and more. The current upmove in the Nasdaq has been phenomenal, however, it’s already made multiple upside targets, along with the majority of its top-weighted stocks. Microsoft, … Read more

Join Me In Las Vegas?

Dear Investors and Traders,   The economic and geopolitical environment is rapidly evolving. The presidential election is fast approaching. And the capital markets are increasingly in flux. New sectors, investments, and asset classes are taking the lead, while others are falling by the wayside.   That is why I’m so excited to be joining MoneyShow … Read more

A Buy Setup in Amazon

Multiple Squeezes, Multiple Targets When the market is at new highs, it’s hard to find tickers to enter where you have an edge. While trading momentum at highs is fun, it will always be much more risky than buying the dip on something that is already pulled back. On the daily chart, I use critical … Read more

‘Tis the Season: Stocks Splits

Nvidia Stock Split: A Recap Nvidia (NVDA) announced its stock split on May 22, 2024, and since then, it’s traded from a (split-adjusted price) of around $95 to a new, all-time high at $129.74 (as of this writing). It’s still going and is currently up another +2% four days after the split, making it significantly … Read more

Bullish Setup in NFLX

I’m eyeing NFLX for an entry to the long side before the next upcoming earnings report in July. Check out the video for my upside targets, setups, and various options trade ideas.   P.S. To join us in the Simpler Central trading room, click this link to learn more!      

Trading GameStop for a Pre-Earnings Short

Hey traders! GameStop has 25% short float, and Roaring Kitty has thrown massive fuel on the fire right before earnings. With GME trading higher on high volume, and breaking through levels of previous highs, that sets it up for a potential short squeeze pre-earnings. GME will typically trade higher before earnings, as buyers speculate and … Read more