The “Halving” of Bitcoin Production

Hey traders, I’m having my fellow trader and good friend, Chris Brecher, write this week’s Five Star Trader newsletter since I am out of the office today! Chris is the Sr. Managing Director of Stocks here at Simpler Trading and specializes in trading options, futures, and stocks based on technical chart patterns and expert market … Read more

Top 5 Charts to Watch This Week…

Hey Traders! What are you trading this week? Check out my Top 5 charts in the video review below… In this market, it’s most important to focus on spots with high liquidity, major setups, and options action that tells you where to look for targets. What are you trading? Let me know below!

My Earnings Watchlist

Hey traders! I hope you enjoyed your long weekend. I know I did! But, it’s time to get back at it. And guess what, it’s another week with a multitude of earnings reports in focus! Of these reports, I’d argue that Nvidia and Walmart are the most important. Check out my full list below: Tuesday: … Read more

Making Money with Butterflies: SPX 0 DTE

Hey traders! I’m sure you know how much I love using butterflies to trade. Historically, I’ve used this strategy for swing trading equities, especially on high-volume tickers with liquid options markets. That includes tickers like Amazon (AMZN), Microsoft (MSFT), Tesla (TSLA), Apple (AAPL), and more. SPX 0 DTE But I’ve continued to hear from my … Read more

Risk vs. Reward

Hey traders! I visited David Keller at Stockcharts in studio last week to discuss some critical levels, earnings setups, and more. There are still a ton of tickers reporting earnings this week, so don’t miss out on learning these patterns! Learn more in the video below:   Our Presidents Day sale is LIVE! For a limited time, … Read more

Managing a Winning SPX Butterfly

Hey traders! Video Requests A few weeks ago, I sent out a request for video topics. I was surprised to hear that the most requested topic was how to manage butterflies. You see, I try not to make videos about when I’m closing a trade, because in the past when I have done that, people … Read more

My Earnings Watchlist

Hello Traders! Last week was a big week for earnings season. Many Magnificent 7 stocks reported earnings, most of which moved big and continue to move post-earnings. This provided a lot of opportunity for earnings trades, and post-earnings trades as well. We also heard from the Fed, who of course spooked markets again. And now, … Read more