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The $1,000 Stock Club – Eyeing Autozone (AZO)


Looking at five, high flying stocks, Amazon (AMZN), Google (GOOGL), Booking.com (BKNG), (NVR) and Autozone (AZO) that are above $1,000 a piece, investors may wonder if any of them are worth the investment with such a high price. It’s especially tricky right now, because the market is again, at new, all-time highs – which is … Read more

TSLA keeps printing money…

like a quarter of a million. It starts with a mentor — and a pattern. (P.S. I talked about this pattern during my webinar last week. You can watch the replay here.) Someone to show you what’s truly possible.  From there, and I hate to use this overused phrase — the world is your oyster … Read more

On the other side of fear

Throughout our time together, you’ve heard me talk about: Fibonacci The Squeeze The Trend Buying Pullbacks Relative Strength And more… I’ll be discussing this and more, in my upcoming webinar tomorrow if you want to dive in for free. These strategies have always made up the core of my trading strategy. Here’s why… They’re consistent, … Read more