So, You Want to be a Trader?

Hey traders! This week, I did a special session on Youtube live, called ‘So, You Want to be a Trader?’ During this session, I covered the following: My 7-Step Plan to go from Zero to Trading The top technical pattern I use in all of my trading – The Squeeze Pro My favorite directional vs. … Read more

My Top Earnings Tickers to Watch…

Earnings in Focus This week is all about earnings! Check out my watchlist for top tickers to watch. This quarter, earnings are not expected to be good. We are looking at a potential earnings recession this quarter, where we may see two quarters in a row of slowing EPS growth. This is absolutely true. But, … Read more

JPMorgan Chase: An Earnings Preview

Bank Earnings Effect Each earnings season begins with the banks reporting first. This quarter, bank earnings are kicking off tomorrow, with the following companies reporting: JPMorgan Chase & Co (JPM) Wells Fargo & Co (WFC) Citigroup (C) BlackRock, Inc (BLK) PNC Financial Services Group (PNC) Banks can set the tone for the season. This is … Read more

Trading Relative Strength

A Fading Nasdaq Rally Last week was a short and quiet holiday week. This could be the reason for the softness in the Nasdaq, but there are a variety of other factors as well, including: The lack of a short squeeze when the put/call was extremely high due to shorts holding out Additional shorts coming … Read more

Trading Options: Step by Step

Why Trade Options? Why trade options? One of my favorite reasons is the leverage it provides and can be used speculatively, but traders can also learn to use options for creating income or hedging. The primary reason why I got into trading options was that it was an avenue that allowed me to get into … Read more

Tesla, Oil, Banks, and More…!

The Jump in Crude Crude oil prices have been trending lower since last June. Yes, there have been spikes along the way, but all in the overall direction of the trend, which is down. However, over the weekend, OPEC announced some surprise cuts, causing the price of crude to gap along with the SPDR Energy … Read more

Money Into Tech $AAPL & $AMZN

Hey 5-Star Trader! Today I joined Fox Business’s, Charles Payne on “Making Money” to discuss the local banking crisis and how it has shifted buyers in the market. I also point out a few stocks I’m interested in, such as $MSFT (Microsoft) and $AAPL (Apple).

Intraday to Swing Trading Indicator

 Since Danielle is out this week for spring break, Allison Ostrander, Director of Risk Tolerance, will cover how she’s used her Divergent Bar indicator for short-term earnings trades. This tool has allowed Allison to take low-risk trades prior to an earnings announcement with a good probability of following through with a higher high. She’ll also … Read more