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Sell in May?

Hey 5-Star Trader, We’ve made it through a variety of landmines, including most large-cap technology leaders reporting earnings. I went into FAANG earnings week bearish, as I felt that the move lower in Tesla (TSLA) post-report was a bad omen for the rest of the market. My hypothesis was that there were so many macro … Read more

Earnings Misses…

Hey 5-Star Trader, Today I joined CNBC’s exchange to discuss more earnings “misses” and where I’m looking for my next short. Check out the full segment HERE!

What To Look For In Amazon And Apple

Hey 5-Star Trader, We are more than halfway through the landmines we talked about on Tuesday, but the VIX is above 30, the indexes are still clinging to their yearly lows, and buying in masse has remained unseen. Of course, we could always get a short squeeze due to the high put/call ratio, but those … Read more

Going Short On Facebook

Hey 5-Star Trader, Today I joined CNBC’s exchange to discuss Facebook (FB) and its earnings report. Overall, I remain short on Facebook and fear that they are not as innovative as they once were. Check out the full segment HERE!

Earnings In Focus: Google

Hey 5-Star Trader, Technology earnings week, otherwise known as FAANG earnings week (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google), is historically one of the most volatile weeks of the year. Even in nice, bullish, trending market environments like we once knew and loved, this week could easily send shockwaves throughout the market, ripping it from one … Read more

Elon Musk Seals Twitter Deal?

Hey 5-Star Trader, Earlier today I joined Fox Business host, Charles Payne, to discuss my take on Elon Musk’s Twitter shares. For the full segment, click HERE. -Danielle =)

Earnings Report Repercussions

Hey 5-Star Trader, Today I joined “TraderTV Live” to discuss the current market sentiment. In this segment, we talked about… Netflix (NFLX) earnings – how is their major “miss” affecting the market? Tesla (TSLA) earnings – is their stellar report enough to hold up the market? Airlines – is this sector able to hold up? … Read more

Looking At Key Market Beacons…

Hey 5-Star Trader, As we’ve spoken about previously, Netflix (NFLX) is arguably one of the most important technology companies to report earnings, because of the sheer fact that it comes first. Because of this factor, along with many, I will mention below, NFLX is like a beacon of light leading the way for investors throughout … Read more

Earnings In Focus: Netflix

Hey 5-Star Trader, We’ve talked about this day for weeks, and it’s finally here – the day Netflix (NFLX) reports earnings.  Why is this so critical? Netflix is the first core technology company to report earnings each season, and historically, it will set off a chain reaction throughout the rest of tech. While on one … Read more

Market Plays Recap

Hey 5-Star Traders! Last week I introduced Mary Ellen McGonagle, and she had some fantastic insights into some timely higher-yielding stocks that are an excellent hedge against inflation in the current market. She touched on areas such as Utilities, Consumer Staples, and REIT stocks that have successfully been able to pass along increased prices to … Read more