Using Conservative Sell Signals To Exit

Hey traders! In this week’s trade review video, I discuss the conservative signals I had that caused me to take a cautious profit on Amazon. Sometimes I’ll take conservative profits, especially in a case like before CPI data when a news-related event is upcoming. Now, of course, if you take conservative profits, you cannot capitalize … Read more

Butterflies Making Targets

Hey traders! This week in the Options Gold room at Simpler Trading, we have been focused on a few key tickers, including GOOGL, MSFT, NVDA, ADBE, and the SPX. I talk about these setups during my live trading room sessions, post charts, and setups, and walk through my live trades. I had long positions in … Read more

How to Prepare for Earnings Season: Part 1

Earnings season provides ample opportunity for options traders if you know where to look! It can tend to sneak up on traders and be here again before you know it. That’s why it’s best to prepare and anticipate upcoming earnings seasons so that you can take part in the action. A big part of my … Read more

Trading Monthly Options Expiration

Choppy Indexes As of this writing, the Nasdaq is up about 1% today. But it hasn’t made much progress over the last week and a half, as it’s primarily been stuck in a tight range. The Nasdaq has been trading between 14,250-14,700 and stuck within a 500-point zone. But, this is also after it made … Read more

The Return of Momentum + the Short Squeeze

Momentum Momentum in the market is one of my favorite setups to trade, and that momentum can come through short squeezes. What is momentum? Momentum is typically a greater-than-expected move that occurs in an individual equity, index, or sector. The moves in individual equities, particularly in equities that can be more volatile, are generally bigger … Read more

Earnings in Focus: FAANG Earnings Week

Optionable Earnings Reports The most volatile of earnings weeks is upon us, with today specifically having what I’d argue to be the most impact. I peruse earnings calendars each week to look for opportunities in the options market. To find opportunities, I specifically look at Earnings Whispers combined with my custom tools in ThinkorSwim. With … Read more

Intraday to Swing Trading Indicator

 Since Danielle is out this week for spring break, Allison Ostrander, Director of Risk Tolerance, will cover how she’s used her Divergent Bar indicator for short-term earnings trades. This tool has allowed Allison to take low-risk trades prior to an earnings announcement with a good probability of following through with a higher high. She’ll also … Read more

Earnings: Two Tickers to Watch

Happy Thursday, Traders! An Earnings Wrap Up This week, there were a few core tickers reporting earnings and a lot of trash stocks. The trash stocks are the stocks that have been taken out to the dumpster over the last year or so. A lot of those stocks have high short interest. As such, I … Read more

What To Do When Volatility Leaves Your Trade

Since September, the CPI has had gap opens and volatile daily ranges on every report. Last week’s report went the opposite way, but Allison was still prepared. In the video below, Allison walks through how she gave her CPI trade a “second chance” to be profitable. Discover how Allison has been keeping risk low, avoiding … Read more

Sell Signals vs. Oversold

After 5 down days in a row, the market is starting to show a mean reversion bounce. The SPY setup has a predominantly bearish setup though. The daily chart has a bearish TrendOscillator Pro and HiLo sell signals (also on the weekly chart), with a daily squeeze firing short. In this mid-week update, Sam Shames, … Read more