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Growth Stocks On The Move, How To Capitalize

Hey traders!  This week, I wanted to highlight analysis from my friend and well-respected colleague, Mary Ellen McGonagle! She primarily focuses on stocks with a 2-week to 9-month horizon depending on market conditions. She has some great tips on how to capitalize on the current uptrend taking place! Check out her guest newsletter below to … Read more

FAANG Earnings – We’re Here!

Well, it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for. This week is likely to be the most volatile week of the summer. Why? Between mega-cap tech reporting earnings, Walmart lowering its quarterly and full-year profit forecast,  and the Federal Reserve 2-day meeting, one thing is for sure – it shan’t be dull! There are so many … Read more

Trading Tractor Supply on Earnings

Earnings Focus As we dive deeper into earnings season, it’s critical to understand the impact that individual companies, particularly the effect that crucial stocks in major sectors have on the stock market itself. Even if you’re not interested in trading options on earnings, it’s still important to have a gauge on when and where these … Read more

Welcome to July

Happy Tuesday and happy holidays! I hope those who celebrated were able to enjoy a fun and relaxing holiday weekend with friends and family. I am so grateful that I was able to travel to Washington state to visit my family that I haven’t been able to see in quite awhile! It has been a … Read more

Critical Earnings Breakdown

Hey 5-Star Trader, As we enter another earnings season, I wanted to take a moment to break down some of the most critical terms that traders must know as we trade throughout the season. As we discussed on Tuesday, there are so many trading and investing opportunities surrounding earnings season. For a full, one-hour breakdown, … Read more

ABNB And MCD Providing Resources…

Hey 5-Star Trader, Like we discussed on Tuesday, this week, I’m focusing on looking for long-term investments in key corporations that are having boots-on-the-ground impact for humans, particularly refugees. American corporations are standing up, using their resources, talent and influence to assist those impacted by the war in Ukraine. While I always look for strong … Read more

Earnings In Focus: UBER

Hey 5-Star Trader, It’s a new week in the market and by now we made it through bank earnings reports for the previous quarter as well as most of tech earnings. To say it’s been volatile is an understatement and we have even more reports to come. Even if you don’t trade the reports yourself, … Read more

My 10 Trading Commandments…

Hey 5-Star Trader, Welcome to the new year! As is tradition, I’m starting out 2022 reviewing my trading resolutions. One of those resolutions is to remind me of the 10 trading commandments I’ve written for myself: I’ll be disciplined every day, and in every trade. I’ll be my own trading “self,” never trading another’s plan. … Read more

Using Seasonality To My Advantage

Hey 5-Star Trader, Happy New Year! Examining past trades is very important to every trader. It is how we learn from our mistakes. However, moving on from them is very important too! That is why this is the last week I will be reviewing my 2021 trades. Let’s hop right in so we can prepare … Read more

Time To Hedge?

Hey 5-Star Trader, For this week’s deep-dive, I wanted to highlight my hedge in the S&P 500 (SPY)**. Hedging is not normally something I do, but I consulted my Trendstrength Turbo Candles (pictured above). They effectively communicated to me (through their red coloration) that the indexes were below resistance. That, in combination with earnings reports … Read more