Cloud Kings Arising Pt. 1

I wanted to give you a heads up on a setup on one of my favorite tickers — Adobe. Now that the earnings report is complete — and the stock experienced a pullback, within the expected move — I can look at it for a swing trade. Adobe is one of my favorite stocks to … Read more

Here’s what you should know about this pullback…

And where I’m focusing trade-wise. Remember last Friday when we talked? I called that while we initially saw a downside trigger in the transports, because the indexes hadn’t fully triggered, it was still just a slight pullback? Additionally, on Friday, Phoenix showed us how several key names (MSFT, AMZN, GOOGL) started rising after the pullbacks. … Read more

Don’t fret despite this market pullback…

If we look at the data, this isn’t unexpected. Remember when I told you I was looking for signs of cracks in the bullish structure of the market, versus identifying a normal pullback? Well, I’m now seeing signs. You’ll want to read this (especially if you’re one of the many members who have reached out … Read more

Where Millennials spend their cash…

The Case of ETSY Today’s issue is going to be similar to the case studies I’ve done in the past, but it’ll contain more of a macro view of the market. I’m going to provide you with an in-depth overview of how I identify, and then trade, an earnings move on a Five Star name. … Read more

There’s a resolution on the horizon

Here’s where my focus lies with the trade deal on the line and another earnings week. Right now, we have a trade deal on the horizon — which, most likely will be another catalyst to move this market. Now, we don’t *know* what’ll happen, but I’m putting my money on a resolution. Neither President Trump … Read more

AAPL’s up post earnings, whoa

Let’s take a look at how this earnings season has altered the market, forever. I feel like I’m beating the same drum these past few weeks… but when every major company is reporting earnings, and we haven’t seen a market like this since the 2008 recession (possibly earlier), there’s a lot to discuss. So for … Read more