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As I’ve now updated my Phoenix system The last two weeks, I’ve been travelling and sharing my love of trading. I went to New York City, and now I’m currently in Seattle, as I just wrapped up The MoneyShow here. So I just wanted to take a moment to say ‘thanks’, and to include my … Read more

[Watch Now]: Focusing on Phoenix

  Investing in Phoenix Stocks Despite Trade Turbulence The stock market has been volatile, particularly with constant threats of additional tariffs in the on-going trade war. However, there are many areas of the market that in all reality, aren’t being impacted by the trade war. While they may (initially) sell-off on bad news that causes … Read more

[Watch Now]: Stock Market Roaring Higher

Let’s Discuss Powell, China, and the Short Squeeze Cheddar TV – June 5th, 2019 As the stock market opened higher, our key focus was on Powell’s commentary, the on-going trade war and the stock market. After trading lower throughout May, it started June with a bang. Why did this happen, and where are the opportunities … Read more

What goes up…

Must come down… In my trading, I typically focus on the hot flying stocks and sectors that are outperforming the market and moving with exponential gains. Why? Because in the options market, identifying greater than expected moves is how we make our money. The problem with that, however, is recognizing that sometimes, what goes up, … Read more