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Handling emotional trading days

On Friday, we talked about what happens when the market wanes. During the last newsletter, I talked about the technical parameters for trading this type of move.  But, what about the emotional side, and the actual logistics of trading a day like this? Well, currently I’m in Hawaii and woke up at the crack of … Read more

On the other side of fear

Throughout our time together, you’ve heard me talk about: Fibonacci The Squeeze The Trend Buying Pullbacks Relative Strength And more… I’ll be discussing this and more, in my upcoming webinar tomorrow if you want to dive in for free. These strategies have always made up the core of my trading strategy. Here’s why… They’re consistent, … Read more

A season for everything

Do you happen to know someone that’s a really happy, positive influence in your life? One of those friends that never has anything negative to say. They love spreading positivity and encouragement. No matter what you try to complain about, it’s always met with a smile and a comment like, “Well, it could definitely be … Read more