Here it is… What to buy…

If you read my post yesterday, you know what today’s post is all about… What to buy. If you didn’t you can check out yesterday’s post HERE before reading the rest of today’s. For starters, let’s pick up where we left off… Transports and industrials. I said yesterday that many of the stocks in this … Read more

Okay FAANG, I thought we were in love!

People come to me all the time whether it’s on social media, email, or within the trading room here at Simpler. They ask me things like ‘what’s your analysis of the close today, how about tomorrow, how about next month, how about the coming year.’ So here it is, my analysis for short and long … Read more

[Watch Now]: What’s Up with FAANG’s New Price Discovery?

There’s a whole bunch of speculation swirling around FAANG stocks this week. So I joined TD Ameritrade alongside Kevin Hincks, cohost of Fast Market, to discuss. Check out the segment below: Let’s face it, there’s an oversold bounce in FAANG. Every single one of those stocks is in a bear market now, and it’s going … Read more

Why you should care about Black Friday…

Black Friday is currently underway, and shoppers are ‘hard’ at work… I say that jokingly, as the Black Friday of 2018 is much different than the Black Friday 10 years ago when shoppers had to line up at 4am and fight massive crowds and insanity to get a select number of deals. I mean over … Read more

Being reflective real quick…

It’s always interesting to have reflective moments…. Like to really sit back and think about the progress I’ve made as a trader — especially when I find myself speaking at a trading event when to the day, only three years ago I was nothing more than a spectator. I’m currently at the TradersExpo in Las … Read more

Eat, Sleep, Trade, REST, and Repeat

Henry Gambell has a saying (based on his favorite type of music — techno) that goes a little something like this “Eat, Sleep, Trade, Repeat.” It comes from a song “Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat,” and it’s something we at Simpler have embodied. It’s not easy being a trader…. It’s incredibly time consuming for one thing, … Read more