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How to trade the fade…

& stick with a plan The last six weeks in the stock market have been a rollercoaster ride of emotion — one that you can see playing out in the charts.  This is always particularly tricky for traders (especially technical analysts). For me, it helps if I look at a chart and recognize the emotion … Read more

How to trade in our current ‘pinball’ market

Case Study: Boeing The market has been characterized by violent, up and down movements, largely caused by emotion. In the last episode, we discussed major themes that I’m seeing, and how I’ve adjusted my trading strategies to meld to this market.  One of those key focuses is using overnight gaps to my advantage… by fading … Read more

Will the S&P and Nasdaq rally roll over?

For the last month, we’ve been discussing a key area of resistance in the indexes — the 50 period simple moving average on the daily charts. Well, today (or last night rather) something critical ‘changed’. The S&P and Nasdaq both traded higher overnight on positive news. But, the question is… will this rally quickly roll … Read more

Know what to do when this hits?

A break in the market As you know, on August 5th the stock market broke it’s June and July ebb and flow higher, and turned into a news driven, volatile, market. Throughout this time, we’ve had varying statistics, facts, policies, and opinions throwing the market back and forth. And the technicals haven’t been able to … Read more

How anything can happen

“Fight the need for certainty” – John Carter As I sit here, watching the market fall out of bed — it just dropped over 50 S&P points in 25 minutes — I’m reminded, yet again, one of the most important pieces of any trading plan… “Anything can happen.” This is one of my favorite pieces … Read more

This has me up over 2k

Monday’s have never been my favorite trading day, really until this year. Maybe it’s because John always told me he never traded on Mondays — I’m not sure. But, yesterday went swimmingly. With a combo of my stacked trades, I’m currently up over 2k between my two options accounts, with BYND, MSFT, TWLO, ZTS making … Read more

How watching Market Leaders called this…

The S&P hitting 3,000. Back in March, 2019, I discussed the behavior of the market leaders, particularly Microsoft and the cloud computing industry, and noted that since those leaders were continuing to push higher — the market would as well. I called a $3,000 price target for the S&P, with Microsoft leading the way… and … Read more

What to do with the Debt Bubble that hasn’t popped…

Now, no one’s calling it a debt bubble — yet. Probably because it hasn’t burst. But, we are. Why? We’re looking at the signs and remembering 2007 with the subprime mortgage crisis. It was caused by lenders giving out loans to people who really shouldn’t have qualified, and then, when they got too stretched, they … Read more

You’ve heard of the Phoenix but…

What about the Canary? Remember in the last episode, where we discussed the short squeeze I was waiting for, along with three potential, macro, bullish catalysts? Those three catalysts being: 1) a resolution of the trade war with China without further escalation, 2) threats against Mexico not coming to fruition, and 3) a rate cut … Read more

Tweets, Tariffs, Tumbling Markets, Oh My!

A tariff macro-theme update. New York City is awesome! While I’m jam-packed with media appearances in the Big Apple, this market is too interesting to not talk about… even from a cab stopped in Time Square traffic. Overall, I’ve viewed the indexes as oversold over the course of the past week, with the market pricing … Read more