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[Watch Now]: Picking The Strongest Stocks in This Market

With the constant flurry of information swirling around about everything earnings, I took the time to give my take on the matter alongside John Grace on ‘Boom Bust.’ We discussed everything from ‘how will the government shutdown alter the market’ to ‘are cloud computing stocks the best bet right now.’ Check my segment out below: … Read more

AAPL’s up post earnings, whoa

Let’s take a look at how this earnings season has altered the market, forever. I feel like I’m beating the same drum these past few weeks… but when every major company is reporting earnings, and we haven’t seen a market like this since the 2008 recession (possibly earlier), there’s a lot to discuss. So for … Read more

[Q&A]: Why’d you make the switch?

Q: Why’d You Make The Switch? Today I wanted to answer a question I got on my e-letter last week about bank earnings. One of our Options Gold members, Vol, wrote, “Last week you wrote about being bullish banks after bank earnings were positive. I believe the week before, you were bearish banks. Am I … Read more

[Listen Now]: How I’m Taking On This “Run Into Earnings” Season

This Monday I had the opportunity to appear again on the podcast “How To Trade Stocks and Options” by 10minutestocktrader.com. This time I talked all about this earnings season — the “run into earnings” season, what to expect, how I normally play earnings, and what I’m looking at trade-wise. You can check out my segment … Read more

[Watch Now]: Analyzing Global Markets in 2019

From tariff wars to the government shutting down to China’s economy, what kind of an impact do all these issues have on the market? What circumstances would set up a rally, if a rally is even possible? Will that rally be shorter-term or longer-term? Those are the questions I discussed alongside Steve Malzberg on “Boom … Read more

Here’s why banking stocks are important…

And why you should especially care about them around earnings season. In Monday’s issue, I went through a few various sectors and identified the strength and weakness I was seeing, and demonstrated that I’d focus on these sectors in ‘if, then’ situations. Why? Because, from week to week, especially during earnings season when the market … Read more

[Watch Now]: Let’s Talk About These Banks Crushing Earnings!

With the trading week wrapping up I joined “Boom Bust” alongside Adam Mesh to talk all about earnings… specifically how the earnings reports beat the odds (surprising investors everywhere). The big talk around the water cooler? JPMorgan crushing earnings, Boeing’s potential, and what to look for next week.  Looking forward one of the major … Read more

Kicking off Earnings Season: Here’s what I’m looking at…

This week, it’s all about earnings season… And investor’s subsequent reactions as companies report earnings numbers, comment on guidance, and future projections. Here’s what matters this earnings season… As I’ve mentioned before, Apple, Samsung, Macy’s, and American Airlines have already come out and said last quarter’s numbers weren’t as high as previously projected, which further … Read more