How to trade the fade…

& stick with a plan The last six weeks in the stock market have been a rollercoaster ride of emotion — one that you can see playing out in the charts.  This is always particularly tricky for traders (especially technical analysts). For me, it helps if I look at a chart and recognize the emotion … Read more

Will the S&P and Nasdaq rally roll over?

For the last month, we’ve been discussing a key area of resistance in the indexes — the 50 period simple moving average on the daily charts. Well, today (or last night rather) something critical ‘changed’. The S&P and Nasdaq both traded higher overnight on positive news. But, the question is… will this rally quickly roll … Read more

Know what to do when this hits?

A break in the market As you know, on August 5th the stock market broke it’s June and July ebb and flow higher, and turned into a news driven, volatile, market. Throughout this time, we’ve had varying statistics, facts, policies, and opinions throwing the market back and forth. And the technicals haven’t been able to … Read more

The Conclusion…

Tending to a garden As I wrap up my several piece series on the interesting comparisons I’ve drawn from starting to garden to starting to trading, there have been so many awesome comments and questions from the Five Star community. So I wanted to take the time to elaborate on the importance of these comparisons, … Read more

[Watch Now] The Tough Impact of Increased Tariffs on Retail Goods

With the most recent escalation of the trade war, the escalation that broke the strong, bullish trend in the indexes in early August, it’s particularly concerning to Americans. Why? Until now, the tariffs have primarily impacted steel, and therefore companies like John Deere, Caterpillar and Boeing, that rely on steel from China. These companies have … Read more

[Watch Now]: Quantifying Overhead Resistance

4 Key Methods Being able to recognize where overhead resistance lies is absolutely critical in your trading. This area signifies a decision point, where you must make investing and trading decisions. It goes something like this. “If the indexes trade higher, and overhead resistance breaks, with price closing and continuing above the resistance area, I … Read more

Tending to a garden pt. 2

Why mastering one thing at a time is important Remember last time how I talked about education and mastering of a specific setup being critical to your success? Well, I started by talking about all the things I realized from my new found gardening love. But here are all the things I’ve learned, and why … Read more

Tending to a garden is like…

managing a trading account Trading is an inherently complex activity that requires a specific skill set, and, as I’ve recently discovered, is just like tending to a garden. And it’s helped me realize, something I already knew… That education and mastery of a specific setup is critical to your success. So think about this…  Why … Read more